Bensonhurst Storefronts Get The Instagram Treatment

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Before Instagram, old photos were just that, old. Now, Instagram – purchased last month by Facebook for $1 billion – can make modern day images look like they’re stills from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

While it may be true that some places in Bensonhurst appear to be stuck in the 70’s, there’s a certain charm to them. It’s a curious thing that iPhone and Android users want to turn what they see today into something that looks like it came from another era.

Perhaps it’s a subconscious nostalgia, albeit made odder by Instagram-loving teens who may never have seen a film camera before.

Check out these Instagram photos of a few Bensonhurst storefronts, taken by former local Alain Derderian, a marketing manager at The Sohotel, and let us know what you think: To Instagram or not to Instagram?