Bensonhurst Residents Continue Protest Of Proposed Gravesend Bay Waste Transfer Station

Source: Colton's office
Source: Colton’s office

Assemblyman William Colton led a rally in Bensonhurst, renewing the battle against the Department of Sanitation’s (DOS) plans to build a waste transfer station in Gravesend Bay behind the Caesar’s Bay Shopping Center (1640 Shore Parkway). WPIX is reporting that despite orders from a state judge giving the DOS a go-ahead on their plans, Colton has continued his effort to block the building of the facility.

When we last reported on Gravesend Bay waste transfer station, State Supreme Court Judge Bert Bunyan gave the DOS permission to go ahead on their plans to construct the facility, dismissing Colton’s concerns that toxic chemicals buried in the bay would be dredged up by new construction along the waters. Colton also expressed concerns of toxins being whipped up from an incinerator that once operated in the area 30 years ago. Despite these setbacks, Colton held another rally with City Council candidate Mark Treyger, calling for residents to “dump the dump.”

Colton also urged the future mayor to block the construction of the station.

“Sign a pledge, to stand up with and speak up for the people of Southern Brooklyn,” Colton said.

At the rally, Colton reiterated the dangers of building a waste transfer station along the waters of Gravesend Bay.

“The next time we have a flood, the people of Coney Island, Seagate, Brighton Beach, Gravesend and Bensonhurst, are not only going to have to worry about mold, but they are going to have to worry about mercury in their basements…about dioxins, Mirex and pesticides and insecticides, and those things are not so easily removed,” Colton told WPIX.

The DOS issued a response that attempted to allay locals’ fears.

“At the Marine Transfer Station, the waste will be compacted, containerized, and shipped out by barge avoiding truck traffic on local roads and enhancing the quality of life. The MTS won overwhelming support from the City Council and has received the environmental permits necessary to proceed with construction,” the DOS’s statement said.

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