Bensonhurst Man Arrested For Manhole Lid Theft, Drug Addiction Cited As Motive

Surveillance video of April 22 theft.
Surveillance video via NY Post

Police arrested a Bensonhurst man for stealing several of the more than 30 Con Edison manhole covers that have gone missing across New York City in the past two months, charging him with criminal possession of stolen property and criminal impersonation.

The New York Post reports that Andrew Modica, 46, confessed to taking some of the 320-pound cast iron covers, which he sold for about 12 1/2 to 15 centers per pound – or approximately $40 each. They cost the company $200 each to replace.

The Post adds that Modica said he stole them to fund his addiction to crack, cocaine and heroin.

Modica lives on 67th Street at 21st Avenue, near where police say they pulled him over in a stolen pickup truck and arrested him for the thefts.