Bensonhurst Little League Team Flying To Georgia Thanks To Locals

Source: THOR via Wikimedia Commons

The Brooklyn Blue Storm, Bensonhurst’s own Little League champions, are headed to Georgia for a tournament with their pockets full thanks to generous donations from the community.

The squad needed $5,000 to rent vans to drive down south after advancing to the American Amateur Baseball Congress World Series last Saturday.

The team came up short on donations and asked the Daily News for help. After publishing their story, locals donated $3,300.

Then, Bay Ridge Toyota cut them a check for $5,000.

“If it’s in my power to help these kids get to Georgia then we’re going to help them. It’s an honor to do something like this. They are all great kids,” said dealership manager Michael Ianelli, who coaches his own Little League team in New Jersey.

The generosity didn’t stop there. Other donors added another $14,500, bringing the total to over $25,000.

Instead of driving 18-hours, the team decided to fly the players to Georgia and use any extra money for equipment and team jackets. A sports store from Washington Heights even donated new uniforms, but the team will stick with their lucky jerseys for the tournament.

“They want to thank everybody from the bottom of their little blue hearts,” said coach Danny Corona, 27. “Make way for us at the airport on Sunday. We’ll have the trophy in hand.”