Bensonhurst, Boro Park, Coney Island: Countdown Clocks, Pavement, Parks & More On Your PB Ballots

Bensonhurst, Boro Park, Coney Island: Countdown Clocks, Pavement, Parks & More On Your PB Ballots
Photo by South Slope News

Voting for Participatory Budgeting 2017 begins this Saturday, March 25, where you can vote on how $1 million in city funds are spent in your community.

Below, find all the ballot options and polling locations for Council Member David Greenfield’s District 44 (Borough Park, parts of Midwood, and Ocean Parkway) and Council Member Mark Treyger’s District 47 (Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Coney Island, Seagate).

Residents aged 14–16 and up are eligible to vote (check district by district), either online or at locations throughout your district, between March 25 and April 2 (midnight to midnight) on projects for schools, green spaces, the arts, and housing.

For 2017, ten Brooklyn city council members have opted in, including Jumaane Williams (Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatlands, and Midwood); Brad Lander (Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Kensington, and Gowanus); and Mathieu Eugene (Ditmas Park, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Midwood, and Crown Heights). (Check out the full list here)

Everything you need to know in District 44 (Borough Park, parts of Midwood, and parts of Ocean Parkway)

(Photo via Councilman David Greenfield’s Office)

Last year, Greenfield allocated over $1 million in funding for neighborhood improvements with more than 2,000 residents taking part in the voting. Take a look at what projects got funded last year in District 44.

What’s on the ballot, from Council Member David Greenfield’s office: (Note you can also see the projects listed on this PB Map)

You can vote for up to 5 projects on the ballot, which are listed in English, Hebrew, Russian, and Chinese.


Safe Streets for Seniors
Location: the intersection of New Utrecht, 50th Street, and 12th Avenue.
Description: Installation of sidewalk extensions and a wayfinding station to protect seniors.
Cost: $251,200

Countdown Clocks for B61 Bus Line
Location: B16 Stops on 13th Avenue
Description: Countdown clocks to let riders know when the bus will arrive.
Cost: $250,000

Street Resurfacing
Location: District Wide
Description: Street resurfacing to resurface the worst streets in Borough Park.
Cost: $250,000


Tech Upgrades at OHEL’s Midwood Campus
Location: Avenue M and East 14th Street
Description: OHEL will implement an agency-wide electronic health records system
Cost: $350,000

Parks & Rec

Beautify Midwood with Tree Planting
Location: Midwood
Description: Plant 200 new trees to beautify sidewalks in Midwood and Flatbush neighborhoods.
Cost: $400,000

Bealin Square
Location: Bay Parkway and West 12th Street
Description: Upgrades to seating area and landscaping of square.
Cost: $500,000

Public Safety

Van/SUV for 66th Precinct Auxiliary
Location: 5822 16th Avenue
Description: A new van for 66th Precinct Auxiliary.
Cost: $57,000


Greenhouse at Brooklyn School of Inquiry
Location: 50 Avenue P
Description: To build a greenhouse on the public school’s grounds.
Cost: $500,000

Playground at Success Academy Charter School & I.S.96
Location: 99 Avenue P
Description: Create a brand-new playground in the empty shared yard of Success Academy & I.S.96 to serve the needs of 886 children.
Cost: $500,000

Upgrades to TV Studio at Edward R. Murrow High School
Location: 1600 Avenue L
Description: Rebuilding the school’s TV studio.
Cost: $240,000

Here’s where you can vote in District 44 (or vote online here):

· Councilman Greenfield’s District Office, 4424 16th Avenue, Second Floor (March 27–31 during normal business hours)
· New York State Senator Simcha Felder’s District Office, 1412 Avenue J, Suite 2E (March 27–31 during normal business hours)
· Mapleton Library, 1702 60th Street (March 27–31 10am–6 pm)
· Highlawn Public Library 1664 W. 13th Street (March 27–31 1pm–6 pm)
· Midwood Library, 975 E 16th Street (March 27 3–6 pm, March 28–31 10am–6pm)
· Kensington Library, 4207 18th Avenue (March 28–31 10am–6pm)
· Ryder Library, 5902 23rd Avenue (March 28–31 12:30pm–6pm)
· Borough Park Y, 4912 14th Avenue (March 27 and March 29 10:30am–12:30pm)
· Community Board 11, 2214 Bath Avenue (Monday–Friday 9am–5pm)
· Community Board 12, 5910 13th Avenue (Monday–Friday 9am–5pm)
· Community Board 14, 810 East 16th Street (Monday–Friday 9am–5pm)
· Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street (Monday–Friday 10am–5pm)

Everything you need to know in District 47: (Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Coney Island, Seagate)

Earlier PB cycle (Photo via Councilman Mark Treyger’s Office)

Anyone 16 years or older can vote for up to 5 of these 11 projects listed below (the minimum age varies district by district between 14 and 16) for Council Member Mark Treyger’s District. Check out previous project winners here!


Gravesend Library Meeting Room
Location: 303 Ave X.
Description: Upgrades to the public meeting room in Gravesend Library
Cost: $300,000

Technology in Schools
Location: P.S. 216, P.S. 101, I.S. 288
Description: Tech funding for public schools
Cost: $100,000

I.S. 303 auditorium
Location: 501 West Avenue
Description: Upgrade the school’s auditorium
Cost: $500,000

Lafayette auditorium
Description: Upgrade the auditorium at Lafayette Educational Campus
Cost: $500,000

Liberation High School auditorium
Location: 2865 West 19th Street
Description: Upgrade the auditorium/gym at Liberation High School.
Cost: $500,000

P.S. 212 accessibility
Description: construct a handicap accessible ramp at P.S. 212
Cost: $500,000

Parks & Rec

Surf Playground
Location: Surf Avenue & West 27th Street
Description: Upgrades to the playground
Cost: $500,000

Scarangella Park
Location: Stillwell Avenue & Avenue V
Description: Upgrades to the park
Cost: $500,000

Public Safety

Security Cameras
Location: Various locations throughout 47thDistrict
Description: Installation of NYPD security cameras
Cost: $140,000


Bus Countdown Clocks
Description: Install 5 bus countdown clocks at bus stops in District 47
Cost: $100,000

Street Resurfacing
Location: Various locations
Description: Funding to resurface streets across District 47
Cost: $200,000

Here’s where you can Vote in District 47 (or vote online here):

  • Coney Island Library, 1901 Mermaid Ave. Sat. March 25 & Mon. March 27, 11pm–5pm
  • Gravesend Library, 303 Ave X. Tues. March 28 1pm–7pm; Wed. March 29, 11am–5pm
  • Ulmer Park Library, 2602 Bath Ave. Thurs. March 30, 1pm–7pm; Fri. March 31 & Sat. April 1, 11am–5pm
  • CM Treyger’s district offices: 2015 Stillwell Avenue and 445 Neptune Avenue, Community Room #2C, Monday, 12pm–8pm; Tues–Thurs, 9am–5pm; Friday, 9am–12pm
  • UCA (United Chinese Association of Brooklyn), 78 Quentin Road, 7 days a week from 10am–5pm

Happy voting!


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