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Bensonhurst BJ’s Wholesale Club To Open In September (UPDATED)



(UPDATE: When will Bensonhurst’s BJ’s open? September 13!)

UPDATE (July 15, 2015): Due to construction delays, the opening has been pushed back to September.

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Tipster Alina Tsui sent us the above photo of a flier, announcing that the new BJ’s Wholesale Club will open doors on July 12.

As we’ve previously reported, the megastore will occupy the ground floor of a 200,000-square-foot space at 1752 Shore Parkway that will be known as the Bay Center. The center will be two stories tall with commercial units above the BJs. The project is being developed by Thor Equities and is expected to be completed sometime in 2014. The time table for construction was sped up to spur jobs in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Construction kicked off in December 2012, and appeared to be coming along by July 2013.

BJ’s is expected to bring 250 jobs to the area, but critics have also expressed concern that it will siphon away business from the neighborhood’s existing commercial corridors.

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  1. Bay parkway and cropsey ave intersection is going to be so contested! I hope the city is planning on something for that.

  2. this is good, it was wasted land there anyway. BJ’s will be good, not for me though, as I live in an apartment and have no space to buy things in bulk.

    Bay Pkwy and Cropsey has always been a nightmare, it will still be a night mare.

  3. It will be a worse nightmare. I only used BJs for a while until I found a Costco near me, downtown Brooklyn. Still a bunch of animals but not as bad. I usually go to Elizabeth but there also you find the animals.

    Got to go outside metro area to find a good store without animals. It’s a pleasure shopping in those store without loudmouths, inconsiderate slobs, you know animals.

    This new one will be just another zoo, filled with animal workers and customers. I’ll pass.

  4. Fucking racist fag. Only animal is the Cramer circus that runs through with their clown faced off spring.

  5. thanks. I did go on the weekend of Sept 20th. It was quite a turnout. Time will test. Seemed nice so far but was unclear if the prices really were improvement over general supermarkets or whether it was just bigger bulk at same prices as I could get at say a Key food or Shop and stop.


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