Bensonhurst Architecture And The Search For Stooges

So while we had a little snafu getting the name “Bensonhurst Bean” into the segment, they did manage to make me look fairly knowledgeable about neighborhood architecture in between all the Three Stooges impersonations.

In the above video, yours truly pounds the pavement with veteran TV reporter Chauncey Howell and an excellent camera man whose name I regretfully forgot in the commotion of filming. It was fun admiring the handsome homes, as well as the warm, witty people of Bensonhurst.

We spent some time in the low 60’s off Bay Parkway, 17th Avenue between 81st Street and 83rd Street and various spots along 18th Avenue – including a trip to Villabate Alba Bakery (7001 18th Ave).

Big up to my Aunt Rita who happened to make a quick cameo as she was walking down the block!