Beachside Patrol Deadline Looms

Photo courtesy of davidsonscott15 via Flickr
Photo courtesy of davidsonscott15 via Flickr

Since Manhattan Beach’s private security force issued an S.O.S. letter two weeks ago, little has changed by today’s deadline and Beachside Patrol is still imperiled.

“I would like to tell you that we had an overwhelming response and Beachside Patrol is back on, but the response has not been what we were looking for,” said Ted Kleynerman, a patrol director.

A letter was sent December 7 to those who subscribe to the service, and later to the larger community, informing people that Beachside Patrol doesn’t have the financial resources necessary to continue operations. Directors said only about 25 percent of households were contributing and the support was not widespread enough. Only about 200 households pay the $400 annual fee.

Beachside Patrol requested that interested residents pledge their support by today, or the group will dissolve on January 1.

Kleynerman said the group hasn’t made an official decision yet and is waiting until the end of the day to review the books. An announcement is expected tomorrow evening.

In addition to the letter, Kleynerman said Beachside Patrol has asked Councilman Nelson to organize a meeting, but nothing has been scheduled. He also said that though community support hasn’t been what they were hoping, many of their present subscribers are “passionate” about keeping the service and have offered to pay beyond the current fees.

Beachside Patrol is accepting pledges until the end of the day. Such pledges may be made via mail, e-mail, or phone using the contact information below. Along with your pledge, please include your name, phone number, address, email and any voluntary supplementary contribution above the $400 annual dues you would be comfortable contributing.

Beachside Neighborhood Patrol, Inc., 4091 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235-3714
Phone: (718) 577-1252