Beachfront Police Precincts Gear Up For Senior Cut Day

The following is a press release from the offices of City Councilman Michael Nelson. Brooklyn – Queens Day is June 7:

Council Member Michael C. Nelson has recently met with local police officials to review safety preparations for Brooklyn-Queens Day and Senior Cut Day.  The meetings were held in recognition of the many challenges faced at the beach & boardwalk areas in past years, particularly impacting those living in Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay, as large numbers of students congregate in the beachside communities to celebrate the end of the school year.  While most students are interested only in a relaxing day at the shore, regrettably in the past, these days have been marred by unruly teenagers and gangs, which have led to criminal acts and acts of vandalism. Tragically, last year the day was marked by violence as a young High School student’s life was cut short after being shot and killed on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach.

After meeting with the Commanding Officers of the 60th and 61st Precincts, Nelson announced that the special response to this situation will include a police command center in Manhattan Beach.  Moreover, specific areas that the police will focus on include the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach train stations; the footbridge connecting Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach; the beach in Manhattan Beach; and the beach and boardwalk in Brighton Beach.  There will also be special patrols along the commercial strip on Brighton Beach Avenue, Coney Island Avenue, and heightened police attention along various streets in the district.  In addition, there will be a pronounced presence of officers from special units including Gang, Narcotics and Highway Patrol.  Truancy Prevention Officers will also be patrolling and picking up students on Senior Cut day which is not an official school holiday.

Councilman Nelson had strong words of praise for the local precincts for their proactive approach in keeping our streets safe. “After having worked together with the Commanding Officers at the 60th & 61st Precincts on this well-conceived preparedness plan, I am confident that the Police Department’s strategy for crime prevention and deterrence prior to the occurrence of any incidents here, along with increased Police presence on these upcoming days will help keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe, and will make us all feel less vulnerable,” said Nelson.