Be Fire Safe and Avoid False Alarms

Firefighters responded to a call on East 19 St between Avenues X and Y yesterday afternoon. There were four firetrucks and a control station van sent to what turned out to be a false alarm.

The firefighters dispatched had plugged the hoses into the hydrants, readying for a fire, but thankfully, there was no fire.

I’m not sure if the fire call from yesterday had anything to do with the outdoors or barbequing, which yesterday’s weather was quite conducive to — but this is a good time to remind Sheepshead Bay residents to exercise fire safety.

The New York City Fire Department has a very good website with lots of information about barbeque safety and fire prevention.

Let’s remember that fire department workers at Engine 246 Ladder 169 dispatched from the firehouse at 2732 E 11 St are working hard to keep us safe, but they need our cooperation.