B&B Carousell Added To National Register Of Historic Places

B&B Carousell Added To National Register Of Historic Places
The B&B Carousell in Coney Island.
The B&B Carousell in Coney Island. (Photo: Charley Lhasa / Flickr)

Coney Island’s B&B Carousell has been officially added to the National Register of Historic Places, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced Tuesday.

The recognition allows the historic structure, brought to Coney Island from New Jersey in 1932, to receive federal tax credits and other resources to support preservation and development projects.

“B&B Carousell has proven to be a staple of Coney Island since the 1930’s and shaped much of the history of the amusement park,” Gillibrand said in a press release. “This designation is another national highlight of New York’s rich history; and will help ensure that B&B Carousell remains a treasured site for future generations to enjoy and experience.”

Gillibrand asked for the designation in January. In a letter to the National Register of Historic Places, she called the B&B Carousell “a masterpiece by pioneers in the Coney Island style of carving.” The senator highlighted some of the rich artworks found on the carousel, including a wooden horse added in 1909 to celebrate the centennial President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

The carousel, first constructed in 1906, is even older than the Cyclone roller coaster and the Parachute Jump, both of which have achieved landmark status. The city’s Economic Development Corporation had the carousel restored and returned to Coney Island in 2013.

The New York State Board for Historic Preservation also recommended the B&B carousell receive landmark status and in September included it on a list of 27 locations that should be added to State and National Registers of Historic Places,

Carlo A. Scissura, President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, celebrated Gillibrand’s announcement and praised the senator for helping to secure the historic designation.

“Coney Island is ‘The People’s Playground,’ and it earned that nickname due in large part to the B&B Carousell,” he said. “Congratulations to every fan of the carousel – this is a win for Coney Island, Brooklyn and all of New York City.”