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BayFest 2012 This Sunday, Featuring Jay & The Americans And 20+ Acts! [SPONSORED]


This is a sponsored announcement from Bay Improvement Group. 

Completely free, with no tickets needed, BayFest 2012 is Brooklyn’s largest waterfront celebration. Scheduled for Sunday, May 20, from noon to 6pm along eight blocks of Emmons Avenue overlooking Sheepshead Bay and Kingsborough Community College, BayFest 2012 will offer music by over 20 bands, including Jay & The Americans (who got their start in Brooklyn) as well as twenty young, up-and-coming groups on a main stage, mobile stage, and 10 piers (8 blocks).

Something for Everyone

BayFest 2012 is an all-ages event that, in addition to music on every pier, will feature dance troupes; gymnastics displays; and a United States Merchant Marine Academy kick-off that includes a color guard, drill team demo, and rampart trumpet performance.  The Brooklyn Nets Mobile basketball unit; FDNY smokehouse; FDNY fireboat water display; and educational exhibits by organizations like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the New York Aquarium, and the Brooklyn Public Library are also planned. A kids’ zone will offer face painting and amusements, and an arts & crafts area for making something to take home. BayFest 2012 will also feature raffles; food, drink, and performer merchandise sales on docked cruise ships (Piers 8, 9, and 10); sponsor tables with information and giveaways; and much more.

Event Details

What: BayFest 2012: Brooklyn’s Largest Waterfront Celebration
Where: Emmons Ave. from E. 27th St. to Ocean Avenue (Piers 1-10), Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY
When: Sunday, May 20 from 12 noon to 6pm

Bay Fest 2012 Program Guide Proof

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  1. The original members of Jay & the Americans, according to Wikipedia, were from Queens, but were discovered in New York City. FYI, the current (and third) “Jay” is a sound-alike only recruited several years ago. The first “Jay” now  performs with The Tokens of “The Lions Sleeps Tonight” fame.
    Nonetheless, they and the up-and-coming groups should rock BayFest!

  2. I had a feeling Jay Black wouldn’t show up. It was billed that he was coming to the Markowitz concert with the Monkees last summer but he refused to sing because Markowitz couldn’t pay him what he wanted so he just spoke for 5 minutes introducing the Monkees. He knew everyone woud wonder why he wasn’t singing so to prove to everyone he still had his voice, he sang one note from Cara Mia. He also warned everyone that there was a group calling themselves Jay and the Americans and it wasn’t him. I just remembered that.

    I don’t think that was right. He shoud have sang one song and woud have if he really loved what he was doing, but I guess he was more concerned with the money or felt

  3. that professionally he deserves to get paid and it would be an insult to him if he weren’t paid.

  4. Jay and the Americans?  Sounds OK, but the rest of this – dance troupes, marine bands, gymnastics?  WTF??  Sounds boring to me – not to mention desperate.  Bay”Fest” gets worse and worse each year. 

  5. Bayfest has ALWAYS sucked.  Food stands are a great thing – I love them, but it would not improve the quality of this “festival”.  These a holes don’t know how to organize a fun fair.  I’d rather go to Subways and listen to CDs at home than patronize this BS.

  6. Mmmmm galley food – yummy (yuck!)

    Where is Coleen?  Get her to cook.  I’ll come for that!

  7. It’s not a street fair, from which there are countless to attend all season with the exact same stuff run by the same three companies as a for profit event, so go enjoy them. On the other hand, until you can do better on an all non profit comunity 501(c)3 event or put up the funding to get “top” name acts of today, how about showing some support for all the volunteers that worked thousands of hours to put this together for free, for all to celebrate our wonderful unique waterfront to cherish in Sheepshead Bay!
    This is a community INCLUSIVE event, if you are against the concept it is a free country, say whatever makes you happy. But don’t spew your nastiness upon a well intended ever evolving growing event that nevertheless is costly and took great effort. Come let loose and dance in the streets at BayFest2012.
    We intentionally do not want to be a typical “street fair” and do not want food the predominent business on the waterfront. How about actually patronizing our local businesses for a change instead of turning our backs on them which happens at every other street fair. Support your community businesses! See you there!

  8. This has nothing to do with the all volunteer community based non profit celebration of the unique Sheepshead bay waterfront at BayFest. See you there!

  9. People’s opinions have nothing to do with this blog except that it happens to be a place where they get to air them.

    I’ve nothing against Bayfest, I’m not a “hater”. For the most part I support anything that benefits Sheepshead Bay and Emmons Ave.

    However comments like “It’s not a street fair.” are laughable. It’s on a city street, that gets closed for half a day. It’s a fair. There’s music and people and…stuff…

    The fact that it’s missing “official” food participants is a valid opinion and a big deal. Steve has noted before that getting the proper licenses for food vendors is a lot of work. Is it? Too bad. The food vendors that would love the opportunity to make money would most likely be more then happy to shoulder the cost of licensing and clean up. If not…how about charging them.

    He also said that he’d rather people at the fair eat at establishments on Emmons Ave and that vendors shouldn’t take away from them. That’s a lazy argument as well. Who are you protecting? Applebees? The Emmons Ave restaurants should be convinced to be part of the event. If they can’t be bothered to set up a sample table then they could set up special sales and discounts for anyone coming to the fair.

    I’m sorry there’s just no excuse for not having food and refreshments for what IS a Street Fair, no matter what you call it. Especially when there are so many mobile food vendors that have sprung up in this city. Some of which live in Sheepshead. 

    I’m not hating or saying anything negative about the fair. I’m just voicing a valid opinion. The lack of food holds this fair back, it could be a lot bigger, it could bring a lot of people to the community. The Street fairs in other parts of the city bring visitors from all across the state and all they sell is cheese steak and funnel cake. We can do better.

  10. This is America, where freedom of speech prevails.  If you don’t like the negativity, don’t read it.  Nobody is saying anything about you or your family.  Pull the wild curly out of your butt and relax.  You know, your comments aren’t always positive either.


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