Bay Ridge Man Scammed Out Of 300K

Reeva Johnson and Holly Mitchell (from

A 76-year-old Bay Ridge resident was scammed out of $300,000 by two women who claimed they were investing in gold coins on his behalf. The man, whose given name is Vincent, asked that his last name not be disclosed

After convincing Vincent that investing in gold would reap him more in profits than the interest on his bank account, Reeva Johnson, 24 and Holly Mitchell, 23 first took him for two payments of $150,000.

The pair of women who, according to the New York Post are, “married to two brothers in a gypsy clan,” then attempted a second scam, at which point the man’s friends became suspicious.

From the Post:

…despite realizing “I did a foolish thing,” Vincent said, he fell for a  story that Mitchell needed a $450,000 kidney transplant. That’s when his  friends tipped off cops.

The two women, charged with multiple counts including grand larceny, could wind up serving as many as 37 years in prison if convicted.