Bath Beach Mom Stabbed To Death By Her Son

Source: New York Community Hospital

Richard Cohen, 31, from Midwood was arrested for stabbing his mother to death on Saturday night.

His mother, Anne Cohen, 64, went to visit him at his Midwood home on Ocean Avenue. They began arguing and Richard, who has a history of violence and mental illness, stabbed her in the torso and neck.

“There was a record of domestic incidents, domestic violence in that household between the son and the mother,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said to the New York Daily News.

The feuds between mother and son may have stemmed from financial issues. Anne sold her Bath Beach home for $800,000 and her son was not happy about it. She also had money from a  medical malpractice suit related to her husband’s death.

The son had been recently hospitalized for threatening his mother. She kicked him out of her home but had apparently made amends with him and went to pay him a visit.

Richard was taken into police custody, arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Anne was taken to New York Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead.