Batchelder St. Man Asks Craigslist To Make Tree Vanish

Sometimes, when you can’t get the city to do something for you, and your family won’t help either, and friends are – well, what are friends good for, anyway? – it’s time to turn to the interwebs.

That’s what one Batchelder Street man did. After a 25-foot tree branch fell on his block and no one removed it, he attempted to entice Craigslist users who might find “higher purpose” for it in, well, who knows. A hipster art project? An urban carpenter? Whatever. Here’s the ad, published yesterday:

25 foot, newly-fallen tree branch in front of 2035 Batchelder Street. Please make it go away. Tree discarded its limb in the middle of the street, conscientiously avoiding any moving or parked vehicles. Shortly thereafter the jettisoned appendage was bravely and valiantly hoisted and relocated to its current location, on the sidewalk, by New York’s Bravest, where it has remained for a number of days. The limb was lovely to look at while amongst its brethren high above us, but now not so much. Can you find a higher purpose for this now large obstacle? Come and get it, it’s all yours.

We have no idea if the branch is still there.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve posted and/or responded to on Craigslist?

H/T to Thomas C. for the link.


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