Barrison Bashes Greens, Traffic Commish On Walmart

Been wondering what’s up with the Brooklyn Walmart proposed for the Gateway II Center? Us too, but in reality there’s been very little headway in either direction. Walmart, though, did make an attempt to spread some money around: they gave at least $15,000 to State Senate Democrats, whose campaign committee is led by Senator John Sampson who represents the proposed development area. Union leaders balked, and successfully pressured the Dems to return the money to Walmart.

Now, Steve Barrison – president of the Bay Improvement Group and executive vice president of the Small Business Congress of New York City – has issued a statement demanding more vocal opposition from “greenies,” including DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

Here’s the full statement from Barrison:

WHERE ARE THOSE ENVIRONMENTALISTS ON WAL-MART ANYWAY? 350,000 cars a day on the Belt Parkway which was designed for say 25,000 – 50,000. The greenies aren’t lining up by the thousands to stop Wal-mart which will generate thousands more. Who really has the interest of New Yorkers at heart here?
Real good paying jobs with fair benefits? Not With Wal-Mart.
Where is Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan , the DOT self proclaimed greenie herself, saving us from the big bad automobile? The Khan con can’t have it both ways. If she really is anti car and pro green(not that those are necessarily consistent, but the con Khan has made that her mantra) as she has demonstrated over and over again, THEN she of all people should be leading the fight against Wal-Mart in NYC. Wal-mart is the biggest example against everything she has said and done across the city, in her endless spending spree to green us and make driving very costly and a huge hassle.
WAL-MART SHOULD BE TOLD NO THANK YOU IN NYC FOREVER! We already have enough big box problems and traffic and loss of mom & pop stores and their jobs at record breaking levels.