Back by Popular Demand: Rainbows!

Rainbow over Sheepshead Bay Apartments

Last week we posted a photo of a rainbow in the aftermath of the weekend’s storms and it drew a number of reader comments about how rare it is to see one in the area. So Clare, who took the original photo, set forth to show that she ain’t no one trick pony, and followed it up with another two shots she took way back in 2007. I really enjoy these photos, since I remember sitting in my backyard after rainstorms as a youngun’. With eyes as big as saucers, I’d sit and admire the rainbows for as long as they’d hang around, wondering – really – whether there actually was an end that touched the ground that I could find and play in. Of course, I realized later that it’s thoughts like this that lead small children to turn into stoners and e-heads. Maybe it’s good we don’t have rainbows frequently anymore.

Rainbow over Apartments in Sheepshead Bay


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