Baby Dolphin Washes Up On Coney Island Beach


It was a sad sight on the beaches of Coney Island this week, when a baby dolphin was found washed up on the shore struggling to survive, according to a report by Brooklyn Daily.

The poor dolphin was discovered by Kent Woo around 8 a.m. near Stillwell Avenue. Woo described how an onlooker did their best to try and save the dolphin by guiding it back to the sea:

“A half hour passed, then someone walked past and then stripped down to his boxing shorts and took the dolphin out doing the breast stroke,” said Woo.
Unfortunately, the waves pushed the sickly creature back onto the shore, this time looking even worse than before.
“In another 20 minutes the dolphin was pushed back onto shore and it wasn’t moving by that time,” Woo explained.


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