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B64’s Full Service Restoration Gets A Start Date

Source: Robert McConnell for The Bergen Network

According to a breaking story from our friends at Sheepshead Bites, the MTA is set to announce that several bus lines identified earlier this year as needing repairs, improvements and restoration will receive that attention as early as January 6.

Among the buses that will see improvements is the B64, a line that had portions of it axed amid budget deficits in 2010.

According to Sheepshead Bites:

This week, an MTA spokesperson confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that the vast majority of service restorations and enhancements will begin Sunday, January 6. Those lines are:

  • Bx13, Bx34, B4, B24, B39, B48, B57, B64, B69, M1, M9, M21, Q24, Q27, Q30*, Q36, and Q42*

On Sunday, January 20, the following lines will also have new routes:

  • S76, S93*, X1 and X17

The Q30 and Q42 are weekdays only, so they are being introduced on Monday, January 7.  The S93 is also weekday only, so that will be introduced on Tuesday, January 22.

After the service cuts were announced, local leaders rallied together to bring the much-needed line back. As we previosuly reported:

Assemblyman William Colton teamed up with the Bensonhurst – West End Community Council, collecting thousands of petitions and organizing a rally at the Ulmer Park Bus Depot last month.

Senator Golden engaged the agency in negotiations, and Councilman Recchia raised the issue when the MTA testified before the City Council Finance Committee, which Recchia chairs, earlier last month.

The  full service restoration start date is great news for seniors and all those who take public transportation to get from Bay Ridge to other parts of Southern Brooklyn.

The MTA expects to issue a press release detailing the upcoming route restorations and any other changes next week.

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