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B4 Service To Be Restored Sunday: Here’s The New Route & Schedule


As we announced last week, the B4 is slated for a full service restoration beginning this Sunday, marking the first time since 2010 that the line has operated 24/7 east of Ocean Parkway.

This week, the MTA released the updated service brochure for the restored line, which features a handful of route alterations – including traveling down Neptune Avenue between Sheepshead Bay Road and Ocean Parkway – as well as its full schedule.

Here is the new brochure:

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  1. Um…how much money will it cost for the MTA to replace the bus shelters and signs they ripped out of Neptune Avenue. Our fares should not go up because of this tom foolery on the MTAs part. Why were they ripped out in the first place? Make the MTA pay for it without punishing citizens of the city with higher fares and fees in their phone, electric and gas bills.

  2. There is one streamlining I would make here so that the route doesn’t have to make a maze around Sheepshead Bay…eastbound, via Neptune Avenue, make the left at East 12 Street to go up the bridge over the Belt Parkway, make a right onto Avenue Z, a slight right onto Sheepshead Bay Road, a left on Emmons Avenue (to use the same travel path both ways), a left at Knapp Street, and to its terminus. Westbound, regular route to Ocean Avenue, but then remain on Emmons Avenue past Ocean Avenue to Sheepshead Bay Road, right on Sheepshead Bay Road, right on East 15 Street (using the B36 stop at the station), left on Avenue Z, left on East 12 Street, right on Neptune Avenue, and regular.

    New stops would be established westbound on Sheepshead Bay Road. The real savings would be eastbound, where the maze at the Sheepshead Bay train station would be eliminated. The only downside I can see is that there would be lost access to the supermarket on Avenue Z by East 17 Street.

  3. eastbound buses should still use shore pkwy south IMO b/c that street is quicker than emmons (less traffic, fewer traffic signals)

  4. Off-hand sounds good but there are several problems: 1) the right turn from E12th to Avenue Z is a difficult one and would be even worse if buses in each direction arrive at the intersection at the same time; (2) E12th never had buses so there might be some opposition and making a left from Neptune to E 12th means going around the triangle, not impossible, but with all the traffic, not that ideal. Also access to Ballys would be lost which was there under the pre-2010 routing.

    I believe I considered that routing in 1978, when I designed the pre-2010 route but ruled it out for those reasons. Also, then you also had the B49 on E 15 Street which would have been too much with the B4 since you also have the B36 in both directions going northbound also.

  5. You are correct but I forgot to mention that the MTA no longer wants two-way bus traffic on Sheepshead Bay Road because of the problems with two buses passing each other when someone illegally parks which is like always. That’s one of the reasons why the B49 Northbound was moved to the back of the station.

  6. Does the B4 have the same route as it used to? Does it have the same stops? My son goes to Bay Academy. Will it stop on Neptune and shore Blvd. coming from Ocean Parkway?

  7. It doesn’t seem necessary for buses to go up or down S. Bay Road in my opinion. if the b4 followed the b49 route, well, one could get off on Shore Parkway (by Bally’s), or one could get off on avenue z, by Bagel Boy. That’s less than a 5 minute walk to get to any of the stores in between on S. Bay Road.

    S. Bay Road has such traffic, that I wouldn’t mind the elimnation of bus routes there. I even question the b36 making the little detour by the train station. I mean, it’s 1/4 block from Avenue Z, how lazy can you get? Let it just continue on Ave Z. would cut down 5 minutes or more on each bus route.

  8. The B4 will follow the b49 route. I don’t know how to eliminate the B49 from S Bay Rd without losing access to the Station. As far as the loop on the B36, so many people get off the bus there, (at least half) that it makes sense. They appreciate not having to walk down E 15 Street to Ave Z. The B4 went straight on Ave Z because it carried much fewer people so it I didn’t make sense for it to detour.


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