B36 Detour Planned, Friday – Sunday

About half an hour after our post earlier today about how the MTA lied to residents and is using the East 15th Street lot between Avenue Y and Avenue Z as a staging area for construction work, they reopened the block to traffic. Half an hour later, we received an e-mail letting us know that the next block down – East 15th Street between Avenue Z and Sheepshead Bay Road – will be closed all weekend long as part of the same construction project.

Just to note the important parts here – the B36 will not be picking up or dropping off Coney Island-bound passengers in front of the station (the stop in front of 7-Eleven), but they will be picking up/dropping off Nostrand-bound riders on Sheepshead Bay Road (the stop in front of Jonathan’s Bakery).

Secondly, this also means that no westbound traffic will be permitted on Sheepshead Bay Road between East 16th Street and East 15th Street.

Here are the details from the MTA:

B36 buses detoured due to a street closure

Weekend, 8 AM Fri to 9 PM Sun, Mar 16 – 18
Buses are being detoured from E 15 St between Sheepshead Bay Rd and Av Z, then will operate as follows:
Nostrand Av/Gravesend Neck Rd-bound:  Via Sheepshead Bay Rd, left on Jerome Av, left on E 17 St, right on Av Z and regular route.
No bus stops are bypassed.
W 37 St/Surf Av-bound:  Via Av Z at E 17 St to Av Z.
Buses will bypass the E 15 St/Sheepshead Bay Rd bus stop.
Buses will make stops along Av Z at corresponding locations.


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