B Train Saga: Keep the Fight Going

I never really considered writing the MTA itself as an effective strategy to halt the two-year termination of B express service beginning in September. It just seemed that they’d never listen to me or anyone else who doesn’t control their budget. But one reader, Cat Consequence, sought out the MTA’s online complaint form to let them know what he thought of the changes. Surprise of surprises – the MTA wrote him back. So now I’m urging all of our readers to flood the complaint form. But don’t just flood it, post a copy of your complaint – and their response (if any) – in the comments section. If we’re all receiving canned responses it’ll become obvious pretty quickly. Once again, here’s the link to the MTA’s complaint form: http://mta-nyc.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/mta_nyc.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php

In other B train news, neither Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo nor State Senator Marty Golden have received a response to their letters to the MTA president, but they did urge patience. Joan Byrnes, Director of Community Relations for Golden, said that it would be hard for them to justify a tougher campaign against the MTA’s B train plans without more outcry from the community. Golden, we remind you, is a state senator and has a vote when it comes to the MTA budget. To date he has received just two or three complaints. So I’m again asking for you to contact your state senators immediately.

State Senator Martin J. Golden
718-238-6044 – golden@senate.state.ny.us

State Senator Carl Kruger
718-743-8610 – kruger@senate.state.ny.us


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