Awesome Kid Makes 100 PB&J Sandwiches For CHiPS To Feed The Hungry

Awesome Kid Makes 100 PB&J Sandwiches For CHiPS To Feed The Hungry
Photo via CHiPS
Photo via CHiPS

For a little mid-week inspiration, we’re turning to an awesome Brooklyn kid who, when faced with a school project, decided to make a little difference in the community.

To celebrate a milestone date in the classroom, kids at PS 185 in Bay Ridge participate in the 100th Day of School project, where students mark the occasion with some kind of project, art or otherwise.

One student, a boy named London in class 2-305, decided that for his project, he would make 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for those in need, and he brought them to CHiPS, the local charity that serves the hungry and homeless regardless of faith, race or ethnicity, and is supported by local churches, synagogues, civic groups, and volunteers like London.

CHiPS wrote up a nice post about London and his project:

He explained the thinking behind this idea in a letter he wrote: “I want to help people and donate to kids who don’t have food, like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”
The project was not only an opportunity for London to put his culinary skills into practice. It was also a chance for him and his classmates to see that although Charlie is a fictional character, there really are people out there in our local community who go to bed hungry.

Apparently the project was successful at inspiring his classmates, too — they’re planning to create a long-term project with CHiPS based on London’s work.

If, like his classmates, you’d like to help out, too, check out the volunteer opportunities available at CHiPS, which is located at 200 4th Avenue, on the corner of Sackett. Or, you can always make a donation directly online.


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