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Avocado Assault At Stop & Shop

Source: David Monniaux via Wikimedia Commons

Fruit, nature’s oldest weapon, struck again yesterday when an enraged customer at the Avenue Y Stop & Shop is accused of hurling avocados at a defenseless employee, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

Joe Testa, the 45-year-old crazed grocery patron, allegedly bruised the face of a female Stop & Shop employee after an intense argument broke out around 3 p.m. He was charged with a misdemeanor assault following his attack.

The employee was taken to Lutheran Medical Center where she was treated for bruising. She was later released.

Now… how do we fit an “Orange you glad he didn’t use a durian fruit?” joke in here?

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  1. I just posted on FB this morning about the new technique I’ve noticed of being an irate customer, in order to get something for free. I wonder if this incident fits the bill.

    Really, I know it may be sexist these days, but bullying a female is really low. This fella should be “lectured” by the Sheepshead Bay HS young man football player from a previous article today.

  2. that pic looks more like mangoes than avocados…durian would be the best though. As the perp runs out the store, he yells “yo, smell ya later!”
    you sure his name was Joe Testy, not Testa?

  3. There is always a revolution in this supermarket. In the morning its quiet. As the day goes on there is more people and they are all in a hurry. Arguments start because people are not moving fast enough.

  4. I don’t blame the guy. That store has the worst, nastiest, most lazy customer service in Brooklyn. I recently stopped shopping there, opting to drive to LI to get my groceries because of a nasty, lazy, cashier. Going 35 miles away to shop is a pleasure.

  5. I blame “the guy”. Going “postal” on an employee is idiodic and immature. Like DIAF says, just shop someplace else. Workers are not paid to be punching bags for customers who have a false sense of entitlement. “The guy” should grow up or else he will evenutally pick on the wrong “guy” and get his ass kicked.

  6. I really don’t have a problem with SnS. They have particular items I can’t find anywhere else and, quite frankly, I’d take a rude cashier over the Belt Parkway any day.


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