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Avenue Z’s Log Cabin Bar On The Market


Log Cabin Bar, long the haunt of Budweiser and karaoke enthusiasts at 2123 Avenue Z, is up for sale, according to a recent listing on Craigslist.

Established in 1987, the 25-year-old bar carries a price tag of $295,000 – very near to that of another legendary Avenue Z bar up for sale: the Towne Cafe.

According to the listing, the business comes sporting a liquor license, 2,560 square feet on the first floor (including kitchen), a basement for storage, and a lease with a monthly rent of $7,000.

Any takers?

UPDATE (4:04 p.m.): Robert Fernandez just pointed out to me that it’s the same real estate broker for both bars. Make of that what you will.

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  1. Hey  This is my local hangout.  Stop The Presses  and cancel that ‘for sale’.  
    As I wrote in my review on :

    ”  10/15/2011
    No, really.  How can you beat a place with cheap beers and drinks, a come-as-you-are attitude, excellent sound system for music and sports on the many many TV’s.  Usually available is a significant spread of pretty good hot food for free in the second room;  the room with the pool table and more TV’s, and a quiet area for a cell phone call or more intimate discussion…Why there’s only Budweiser on tap, IDK – but a tall one is only two bucks, so hush up now.  Order a bottle of a better brand if you want. Check out the easy, fun, casual karaoke happening most nights, friendly singing female bartenders, and free WiFi. There are three clean enough bathrooms;  no waiting.  Even the security guys and often-present owner can be charming and attentive.  The owner can be grumpy, too – if so, just avoid him.  He’s harmless.The crowds are all ages, seriously.  Solo walk-ins are not unexpected. Hardly the pretentiousness of many places.  Football Sundays are busy, too – but it never gets too crowded.  Truth is, I never was much of a ‘Bar Person’, (I’m more of a restaurant guy) but I have become a major fan.  Located on the corner of Ave. Z & East 22 St.   It’s a quiet, safe open area in Sheepshead Bay.  Parking is not very difficult nearby.” Yo, pass me the mike.”  See Ya There!  
    Look for the guy singing ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ lol. “

  2. Nah Janelle, the place really is tame.  Sweet, really.  Go, order a two buck tall draft beer, eat from the free generous buffet spread, and sing some karaoke sometime.  It’s a local cool place.
    What might be a better casual local place to just hang without pretense?

  3. Wow, you just smacked a lot of longtime Brooklynites in the face, I know several folks that have very good aim. The place was clean, at least before it became a Russian American Bar. 
    Where did you pull that statement from?

  4. i was only there a couple of times in my life  (as opposed to the thousand times in wheelers and captain walters). I’ll have to check it out when the ball and chain gets temporarily removed.

  5. I spoke to someone in the bar who ,ight know some things about the ‘for sale’ listing.   He replied that, “Feh, they’ve always been ‘available’ to be sold”.  
    I said, ‘Ha’ – and got myself a tall two buck draft beer.


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