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Avenue Z Jewish Center Hit With Anti-Semitic Graffiti… Again

An example of the graffiti found in front of the Avenue Z Jewish Center (Photo: Ari Kagan)

Ari Kagan, the Russian-American journalist and community liaison for Comptroller John Liu, dropped us a note informing us that the Avenue Z Jewish Center (875 Avenue Z)  was hit again by anti-Semitic vandals over the weekend, making it the second incident in a little over a year.

According to Kagan:

Graffiti appeared on the entrance door of the Avenue Z Jewish Center, as well as at a sidewalk leading to it. President of the center Jay Freeze and board member Felix Filler expressed real concern about numerous signs on a sidewalk, like “Russ Jews”, “Jews”, “Russ” and stars of David. Similar graffiti with the same handwriting could be seen at the windows of the synagogue.

In February 2011, vandals smashed the back window of the Avenue Z Jewish Center and stole $200 from a donation box. They also destroyed a large menorah and a Torah, costing thousands of dollars. The perps were never found, despite a $1,000 reward offered by Councilman Michael Nelson.

According to Kagan, the Avenue Z Jewish Center has informed the NYPD’s 60th Precinct and Community Board 13, and will soon install security cameras to guard the entrance.

Correction (12:28 p.m.): The original version of this article inaccurately stated that the center notified Community Board 15. It was actually Community Board 13. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

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  1. An inscribed Star of David, along with the inscribed word “Jew”, is an example of anti-semitic grafitti vandalism? I opin not! You are going to have to do a lot worse than that! Otherwise, enjoy the remainder of the holiday, my fellow landsmen out there, and all those others, who believe in truth, justice, and the American way!

  2. Why don’t you read just a little on the topic before you post a comment like that? This is not about your opinion. Its a matter of history and facts! Historicly people using these symbold and words to mark other people did end up doing “a lot worse than that”!
    Words “Jew” (“Jude” in German) and a star of David is how the Nazis marked Jewish businesses and residences during “crystal night” while burning them down. The exact same words/symbols had to be worn by Jews living (and dying) under the Nazis: this is how they were humiliated, marked as second class citizens. Eventually these same marks made it easy for the Nazis to round them  up and kill.

  3. What do you believe is the motivation behind writing the words “Russ Jews” and “Jews” on the exterior of a synagogue and the sidewalk leading up to it, if not anti-Semitism? My feeling is that it was not necessarily done as a sign of affection.

  4. Stop puplishing it and the vandas will stop.Simple as that…they want to be the next guy to make it online.If you report graffiti related crimes your feesing the fire…coming from NY’s vandal from the 80s.
    your welcome

  5. Thank you for publishing this.
      @EndofDaze What should be a beautiful symbol, the Star of David, has been turned into a symbol of hatred by Nazis & other hate groups. @@90SBROOKLYN:disqus  Vandals aren’t celebrities seeking publicity. That’s why they attack in the middle of the night. Hushing the truth works for no one.

  6. you are about 95% wrong…vandals seek publicity,they attack at night to avoid the police.The reason they are using instruments such as paint and…actually never mind,I am such a fan of street art since the 80s that I don’t want to argue this because there is 2 different subjects and one is very fuqed up.i wil say that if the vandal is looking for some fame you are so off in your journey,your a coward,you left a mark with a message yet you forgot to mention a name.You got you message on SHEEPSHEADBITES but the street artists will not recognise your mark because it is a worthless moniker,your friends that you will brag to will not believe you because again there is a message but no name and I have a third point that I will not post.

  7. 5 out of 5 of the last so called ” antisemitic graffitti” was later found out to be by j-ews themselves, hate crime investigators stated as much as 70% of all antisemitic symbols and vandolism are believed to be committed by j-ews themselves for political motives. these people are human garbage wasting taxpayer dollars on all these phony hate crimes, -ews should concentrate on being loyal to america and stop supprting organizations like aipac and other treasonus entities that are destroying our country and driving us into one war for israel after another,

  8. wonder if they will publicize it when this is found out to be another hate crime hoax like the last five.

  9. sounds like a russian or israeli j-ew trying to write english. I remember a few times these antisemtic hoaxes were perpetrated by the rabbis themselves, who then filed for nsa funding claiming they are a terror target, these people live a life of deceit and manipulation from cradle to grave, being indoctrinated into judaism’s fanatical talmudic teachings of hate for non-jews and directives to decieve the gentiles in furtherance of j-ewish interests, this is what they are taught from birth and what rabbis teach weekly in the synogogue,

  10. the star of david should be replaced by the AIPAC logo, since more american j-ews support aipac then america.

  11.  Melanie, I noticed from all your postings here that you are just full of hatred toward Jews and Israel. Pure and simple.

  12. jesus was the antithisis of judaism, he also called the j-ew high priests evil,liers,and hypocrates among other things,jesus made the self serving torah obsolete when he was born.

  13. So when the german citizens rose up and boycotted j-ewish buisnesses in retaliation for world j-ewry attempting to starve germany by boycotting all german exports and threatening to boycott anyone who did business with germany in 1933,you only see the j-ewish side? should germans have starved? should they have continued the status quo with j-ews owning 78% of all property and 74% of all german wealth (aquired at the time of hyperinflation for pennies) utilizing funds from j-ews worldwide along with media control,and the german people were most infuriated by the way berlin,which had been the cultural center of europe was reduced to a sewer of child prostitutes,cabaret ,burlesque,pornography,drugs,and strung out cretins after the j-ews gained ownership of most berlin properties. so why was this boycott unfair? your just anti christian,

  14. Since I am being attacked from various quarters for my previous comment here, I am compelled to reply to your thoughtful comment. Indeed, The Star of David is not only a beautiful symbol, but representative of the Royal House of David, and tribe, I myself am proud to be descended from. My comment was taken out of context! The inscription was put, as I understand on the Temple on Avenue Z! Taken in context, I still find no real problem with the symbol, and word Jew being placed at that location. However, if such such inscriptions were in the middle of the night, or broad daylight, placed on the front door of my house, or for those of you who have also studied and taught history like I have, on a Jewish owned store, then, to me the context, would create a whole new ballgame, and that would be an act of anti-semitism! I apologize to any of you who have thought otherwise, and hope my previous comment, did not upset your weekend! Frankly, I get more upset, when I walk around, our otherwise lovely neighborhood, and see the increase of a variety of grafitti vandalism, and no one gets annoyed. Must there only be outrage when quasi racist symbols are put up, even the apalling Nazi swatstika, (which should be an affront to all good people, not just landsmen!) and then quickly, removed, while these other eyesores remain?!  Teach your children well!


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