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Avenue U’s Pizza Bagel To Become Kosher Pizza Palace



Pizza Bagel, the only kosher pizzeria on Avenue U east of Coney Island Avenue, located at 2724 Avenue U, has closed down as new owners renovate the storefront for its rebranding as Kosher Pizza Palace.

Pizza Bagel opened just a handful of years ago, and shuttered its gates in early August. The sign, announcing the management change, went up more recently, and workers were there on Saturday making some improvements to the exterior.

The new restaurant, Kosher Pizza Palace, is a Sheepshead Bay offshoot of the main location in Midwood, at 2916 Avenue M. No word yet on when it will open up.

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  1. In general I would agree with you. However the kosher pizza on East 18 and Jerome Ave is excellent. Better than anything else I have tasted in the neighborhood. Delmars used to be good but after they reopened it hasn’t been the same.

  2. I find Delmar’s pizza exactly the same as before. And the food is even better….

    But I agree with you that, though Kosher pizza isn’t my thang, that place on Jerome Avenue is excellent. Kosher pizza is less filling too, I can down three of those, while I can only eat two regular slices. L&B? I can do four, but have to get ready for the acid reflux result!


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