Avenue I Flea Market Retro Commercial Emerges

Last week, we journeyed back in time to bring you a dusty old Casesar’s Bay Bazaar retro commercial. Well, that trip to the land of forgotten TV inspired reader Sean F. to tip us off to this old television advert for the Avenue I Flea Market.

In my opinion, this commercial has the catchiest jingle of all the retro commercials we’ve featured. It also features a delightfully creepy, juggling clown, people making some crazy 1980s fashion statements (tight-rolled Z-Cavs, anyone?) and, best of all, they give out a free VCR and 19″ color TV every Sunday! This is clearly my favorite ad yet.

Do you remember the Avenue I Flea Market? Were you in the commercial featured above? Why were you wearing… that? We want answers, people.


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