Ave Z Developer Says Bites Overstated Parking Issues

First floor sketch, including the queuing area. Not drawn in the sketches are the 17 car stalls planned on this floor

Before I get started, there is a statement in my last piece that needs to be clarified. I misunderstood the BSA application and believed the building at 1508 Avenue Z (a.k.a. 1501(c) Sheepshead Bay Road) to be taking up spots that included three existing retail locations, including the Learning Wheel. According to a co-owner of the property, George K., those buildings are not involved whatsoever, and the portion of the proposed 9-story structure that sits on Avenue Z will be in the fenced lot between the existing building and the train tracks. There is currently no building there, and the owners have no relationship with the building next door. I regret any confusion the mistake may have caused.

Now, regarding the parking situation, George K. suggested our report went too far in criticizing the parking garage, and that the problems we complained about are already addressed in the plans. He said that the building is designed with a queuing area for maneuvering the cars within the building. It should offer enough space to arrange cars without the valets needing to pull vehicles into the street and wait.

Providing enough space to keep all vehicles in the building was a high priority for the architect, according to George.

“We wouldn’t do it any other way,” said the co-owner. “We live in the neighborhood; we’re not looking to hurt the neighborhood.”

Above is a photo of the floor plan submitted with the application, so you can see the first floor queuing area as currently proposed.

As for the bus stop, George K. said the MTA agreed to move it a block away. We’re told this is frequently done at the property owner’s expense. We’re waiting to hear back from the Community Board and the Department of Transportation for confirmation.

Again, we apologize for any confusion that resulted from Monday’s report, and the original article has been corrected.