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Attention Bibliophiles! Books Are Just $3 And Under At Gerritsen Library Book Sale


UPDATE (March 26): Organizers have added two more days to the sale: Thursday, March 27, and Friday, March 28.

These are the final days of the Friends of Gerritsen Beach Library’s first spring book sale since Superstorm Sandy devastated the branch in 2012. The library, located at 2808 Gerritsen Avenue, reopened in October 2013.

The organization has been doing book drives and sales for several years to raise funds for the local institution, with profits being used to help pay for programming and improvements at the branch.

So stop by and purchase a book, on either March 24 or March 25. Then you can donate them next year.

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  1. Gerritsen Beach is the world’s most Anti Semitic racist neighborhood. Reminiscent of the KKK in the “Old South” and Nazi Germany.

  2. There are so many jokes you can make about a library closing in Gerritsen beach. Too bad no one from Gerritsen would be able to read it! *ZING!*

  3. There are so many jokes the people from Gerrittsen Beach can and do make about Sheepshead Bay and people called Nick the Rat, mostly we have been just boycotting the businesses there since we found out how so many there feel. Enjoy all of your boarded up former businesses!

  4. And, Nick the Rat, if you could read you would have read that the library isn’t closing, just having it’s annual book sale to make room for the new books because we have already read everything in there, so there. And as far as anti semitic goes that’s a laugh. We have plenty of Jews living here. We just don’t like you blocking the library with your double, triple parked cars or trashing the ballfields. Double and triple parked busses. Learn to have some consideration for other people.


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