AT&T Mobile Service Should Be Back To Normal Now

AT&T logo via FB

After several neighbors complained that their AT&T mobile service was not working in certain parts of the area starting on Monday evening, we’ve heard that the issue finally appears to be resolved — even if the reason for the problem is still not entirely clear.

“The issue, which involved one of our cell sites, has been resolved and service should be back to normal” said Kerri Lyon, AT&T spokesperson. “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused some customers.”

Neighbors told us service was out in places through early this afternoon, and one reports being told by customer service that there were three towers experiencing problems. Another said AT&T told her there were no problems in the area, and that she brought her phone to a store where they “fixed it (I think) by resetting my phone.”

As for anyone expecting a refund for the service they paid for that did not work for the past day and a half, AT&T tells us that customer service “evaluates reimbursements on a case by case basis.” If you’re able to get something worked out there, please let us know how you did it!

Image via AT&T