Colton’s Countdown To Sales Tax Relief

Source: 401K via Flickr

In just a few short days, Bensonhurst shoppers will begin paying less on small purchases at local clothing stores.

And in order to commemorate this countdown to compulsory consumer savings, Assemblyman William Colton has sent out a press release with some front-page news for the frugal.

It comes as no surprise that Colton, who had pushed for the reinstatement of a sales tax exemption for clothing items under $110 – as well as an interim exemption for items under $55 – was pleased to announce that the $110 version of the law goes back into effect this Sunday, April 1.

“The Tax-free offer, which I helped put into law, applies to all relevant items purchased in person, over the internet, by phone or by mail,” Assemblyman Colton said in a statement, noting that the “qualifying amount for the exemption has doubled since last year.”

Colton told Bensonhurst Bean that the reenacted discount will not only help out hardworking residents, but should also add to the bottom line of neighborhood clothing stores.

“The exemption will help working families afford necessities, as well as energize our local economy by giving consumers more incentive to shop,” Colton remarked. “It will also provide businesses with an influx of customers, including shoppers from neighboring states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”

While we’re not sure suburbanites will be flocking to 86th Street for shopping anytime soon, the bill should – with gas prices on the rise – give New Yorkers an additional reason to make their clothing purchases instate.

Assemblyman William Colton represents Assembly District 47, which includes Bensonhurst, as well as parts of Gravesend and Midwood.