As Outerborough Job Roles Grow, Commutes Do Too

Source: Marcos Vasconcelos Photography/Flickr

We all know finding and holding a job in his economy is rough, but commuting to work these days can be just as tough.

Daily News reported that the number of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island residents traveling to jobs in their own boroughs or neighboring counties has jumped 23 percent since 1990 – compared with an 11 percent increase in people going to the city, according to the report from the Center for an Urban Future.

In turns out that people are keeping away from the city- which lost 109,000 jobs between 2000 and 2009, Urban Future Director Jonathan Bowles told the Daily News.

Bowles’ group is trying to improve bus service possibly by creating a Bus Rapid Transit System, like that being implemented along Nostrand Avenue later this year.

“The transit system is so built around commuting to Manhattan,” Bowles said.

But the problem isn’t just traveling between outerboroughs; Manhattan – and even parts of Queens or New Jersey – remains an easier commute for many Brooklyn residents than the commute to other parts of the same borough.

Living in Sheepshead Bay, we’re far enough from the city.  However, at least that commute is a straight ride.  Imagine working out in Bay Ridge, Flatlands, Williamsburg or – heaven forbid – Canarsie. By using public transportation, some parts of these major Brooklyn neighborhoods would take Sheepshead Bay residents upwards of two hours, and multiple transfers, to travel to.

So while Bowles advocates an expanded BRT system and more bus infrastructure, we’re wondering what improvements the city can make to public transportation to facilitate better commutes within and between the outerboroughs?