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Arrests Made In Second Knockout Attack Near Midwood-Kensington Border

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Police apprehended four individuals last night believed to be the assailants in a second “knockout game” assault in Midwood, according to Councilman David Greenfield, who is calling on the district attorney to make an example out of the suspects.

During the second attack, which happened at approximately 2:00 a.m. last night near 18th Avenue and East 5th Street, a Jewish man was walking when he was approached by four men and punched in the head. No property was stolen during the attack, and police arrested the gang shortly afterwards.

According to Greenfield, it’s the fourth knockout attack this month in Midwood and Crown Heights, with victims ranging in age from a 12-year-old boy to a 78-year-old woman.

Greenfield is now calling on Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to charge the suspects with participating in a gang assault and hate crime, both felonies.

“It is now time for the NYPD and District Attorney to throw the book at these thugs and make it clear that our city will not tolerate this type of behavior, especially when people are being targeted because of their race or religion,” said Greenfield in a press release.

The councilman is also reminding residents to remain vigilant, report any suspicious activity and avoid walking the streets alone at night.

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  1. So, Oceana condominium and Brighton Beach
    bathrooms attract more attention than a fact that people are getting injured

  2. Verochka, what is your problem? If you cant afford buying a condo in Oceana, then no reason to hate and write crap on boards.

  3. Will someone please explain to me why this is classified as a “game”? A game is chess or checkers. This is outright, blatant brutality and nothing more.

  4. You better do something about the knockout attacks rather than pointing fingers at innocent people. I’m proud to live in Oceana and be associated with Brighton community.

  5. I hope that there’s no plea bargaining and that these people are sentenced to the maximum that the law allows. Maybe, just maybe, this will discourage others.

  6. Acknowledging that this is a “game” emphasizes the depravity of these crimes and underscores the prejudicial intent necessary to support a prosecution for a hate crime. The people behind these heinous acts are clearly sociopaths who, while perhaps not as dangerous as the ones who brought us the Holocaust, are nonetheless unfit to live in our multicultural society. Imposing draconian sentences on these thugs will, indeed, make an example of them and will demonstrate that violently violating the rights of others is not a game, but a serious crime.

  7. These animals will have more freedom with new mayor. That’s why people should take justice in their own hands. You catch a prick that does it, knock him out with a baseball bat for good, or at very least break both his arms and legs.

  8. DO NOT EVER call these animals people. They are not people, not by any margin. Yes they are humanoids, but that’s it. Animals! They should be treated as such.

  9. Did anyone, besides myself, ever read or see (the film) Clockwork Orange? It’s playing out in real life. And no one, at all, of any authority is shouting about this. No one. It’s shameful.

  10. my grandfather was almost a victim last night as he was walking upstairs to his apartment building in coney island. he says he saw a bunch of teenagers in the parking lot who followed him and when he crossed the street he noticed another one on the phone telling someone “him him”. Afterward they starting chasing after him, luckily he got in the elevator before they could get to him.
    Need I mention how the media is entirely side stepping the fact that almost all the victims are white and the perpetrators are black and that this “knockout game” is racially motivated. clearly.

  11. Your last sentence is 100% correct. I noticed the same thing.

    I wonder what would have happened if a victim heard what your grandfather heard and instead of running, took out a gun and shot one of them and they ran away. Would a court believe the victim that he was defending himself, or would the perpetrators be considered the victims?

    Stand your ground doesn’t seem that dumb now.

  12. People who are jumping to conclusions that law enforcement will be lax under Mayor De Blasio simply because of his opposition to racial profiling by the NYPD are assuming that law enforcement won’t enforce our laws, most of which are state laws, or that judges won’t impose appropriate sentences on miscreants. Crime, and expecially hate crimes, offend everyone, and the public and the media will surely put De Blasio’s feet to the fire if he drops the ball in the continuing war on crime. In the meantime, people should defend themselves wherever possible, and there are numerous ways, besides firearms, to effectively fend off an attacker. Perhaps it’s time for the Orthodox Jewish community to resurrect the old Maccabees and kick a little antisemitic ass.
    Of course, whoever is commiting these heinous crimes, should, regardless of their ages, ethnicities, or other demographics, be arrested, tried, and, if convicted, severely punished, the younger, mindless dupes by an intensive, soviet-style “re-education” experience, and their leaders and instigators by a term of imprisonment during which they might just get their well-earned comeuppance in a prison shower room.

  13. It is called a “game” by the participants. You already know that but want to share your outrage. Thanks.

  14. The only thing that strict gun laws provide is protection for the criminals. Thanks to past and present administrations in New York, it is illegal for law abiding citizens to protect their homes, their lives and their loved ones, What a bunch of bull shit that is. : Gun laws in New York


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