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Arrest At P.S. 193 Spurs Calls For Principal’s Removal


Long-simmering tensions at Midwood’s P.S. 193 boiled over Wednesday when the principal had a parent arrested for speaking up about his child not being allowed to use the bathroom.

In a video posted to YouTube, parents can be heard saying “this is wrong” and “he’s the parent who does the most for kids” while officers handcuff Vinny Nemorin, the treasurer of the P.S. 193 Parents’ Association who has a 7-year-old at the school. During the arrest, Nemorin slips and hits his head and can be heard moaning on the ground while buses wait for the children to be let out of school.

Parents responded to the arrest by calling for the removal of Principal Tami Flynn at a rally outside the school on Thursday, News 12 Brooklyn reports.

“I don’t agree that a parent who’s advocating for his child should be arrested,” Cheryl Rameau told News 12.

According to the NYPD, Nemorin was charged with two counts of menacing and two counts of harassing for a confrontation that occurred in the morning. He was called back to the school and placed under arrest in the afternoon, police say.

Jennifer Brown, the Parents’ Association co-president, said Nemorin was upset his son defecated himself after not being allowed to use the bathroom. The 7-year-old had not been changed and sat in his urine and feces for the rest of the school day, she said.

Brown added this isn’t the first time the child has soiled himself at the school. Nemorin was forced to have the school’s superintendent provide special bathroom privileges for his son after the same thing happened five other times, she said.

In a YouTube video of the confrontation that led to his arrest, an irate Nemorin can be heard yelling: “You’re constantly getting him soiled everyday. You’re soiling him.”

We were not able to contact Nemorin. However, his attorney, Stephen Flamhaft, said the arrest was unnecessary.

“Mr. Nemorin wanted to protect his son,” he said. “It sounds to me like the principal should have been more professional when having a dialogue. I put the onus of responsibility on her.”

The Department of Education is investigating the incident. In a statement, they said:

Ensuring safe and supportive environments in all our schools is critical, and there is additional support being provided to the school to address parent concerns. We will continue to work with the school community to ensure the school is meeting their needs.

Brown, the Parents’ Association co-president, joined in calling for Flynn’s removal. She said friction between Flynn and parents has been building since the principal arrived at the school three years ago.

“Principal Flynn has created a culture that doesn’t respond to parents. And if you speak up, she will retaliate against you,” said Jennifer Brown. “The goal of arresting Vinny was to make an example of him for other parents.”

She said a dispute earlier this month about the Parents’ Association funds — the parents wanted to create weekend activities for the kids and Flynn wanted money spent on curtains and ink toner — caused the parents to lose their office. (Flynn told them she wanted to use the space for a new school program, which has not appeared for two weeks, according to Brown).

“It’s her way or the highway. She does this to make you squirm and break you,” said Brown. “That’s not the culture of P.S. 193. Change is desperately needed and the only way to solve this is the removal of Principal Flynn.”

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  1. I saw this last night on Eyewitness News and find it disgusting that the teacher refused to allow this child to use the bathroom. This is child abuse and both the teacher and the principal should be held accountable and should not be around children ever.

  2. No this is not right. Parents need to join a stop common core group and find out what is happening in our schools.

  3. While I don’t know the particulars of this case, I know from many friends who have been successful teachers, that one of the social problems that has arisen in ALL our schools these past twenty years or so, is that their charges whether seven or seventeen, come into the classroom, and for many, the first thing they want to do, is go to the bathroom! Hands get raised, and rather than presenting to the lesson that’s being offered to them, it’s I Wanna Go To The Bathroom! This becomes more of a dilemma than you might think for the teachers, especially at a time when, though money might be have become better, respect for those who toil in the profession (And yes, it is a Profession!) is at a long time low! So before you claim, child abuse, try being a Teacher in America in the twenty first century.

  4. Speaking to a friend, they are looking for another school for their children That said, there are so many frivolous law suits where people walk away with millions. This man and his child deserve millions, hope he has a good lawyer.

  5. True, but as a “professional” this teacher (or teachers) made an executive decision to not let this child go to the bathroom and then he soils himself….then as a professional what should happen next? Because allegedly nothing happened and this child sat in his own waste all day, that is negligence at best by an alleged “professional”. Ridiculous

  6. Noticed the protest today while driving down Avenue L. What a disgrace this school is… if a child has to use the bathroom, that should not be denied. This school bears the name of the great baseball player, Gil Hodges… He must be rolling over in his grave with what’s become of his namesake school. A real shame.

  7. If for some reason they have a problem with allowing a child to go to the restroom the school district needs to pay for him to be in home schooling or to go to a private school that allows children to go to the restroom. Letting a child go through the day with soiled clothing on is abuse and charges should be brought against the teacher and principal! The parents should have been called to bring clean clothes!

  8. The officer ordering the women filming to leave the sidewalk should be suspended until he is given adequate training of citizens right. The women legally could of remained on the sidewalk as long a distance was maintained in which she was. Also, she was filming a possible negligent safety violation on part of the NYPD. There is nothing against the law saying that citizens must “move across the street” for the safety of the police, it was an unlawful order made by a sergeant and the camerawomen complied under duress. Welcome to the constant police state we live under. I recommend the camerawomen and father lawyer up.

  9. When my daughter was this age, I told her to use the bathroom and we would deal with any repercussions afterwards. So glad to be finished with NYC public schools.

  10. You can’t be for real , if your so not satisfied with the pay bennies and big fat pension at the end of your career funded by my hard earned tax dollars may I suggest you quit your job do us all a favor your the teacher we don’t want

  11. The police arrested the wrong one ! The teachers and school staff should be arrested . For neglecting the child ! The man spoke up for his child’s needs and spoke intelligently …. Didn’t use foul lingo or threaten anyone !!! I guess it’s against the law to be a provactive parent …. This case is a waste of Tax payers money … Drop the charges fire the principal and let the poor kid use the bathroom


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