Video: Filmmaker’s Vision Of A Re-Imagined Coney Island-ized Manhattan

One of the perqs of following some of our local elected officials on Twitter is occasionally one of them will share something that is really cool and — even better — is not politics-related.

That’s what social media-savvy City Councilman Domenic Recchia, whose 47th Council District encompasses Coney Island, did, when he re-tweeted a link to The Atlantic Cities’ Twitter account with this teaser: “What Manhattan might look like of [sic] Coney Island takes over NYC.”

Following the link will take you to a masterwork of tilt shift and time lapse videography that lends itself beautifully to the already phantasmagoric realm that is Coney Island, by Argentinian director Fernando Livschitz and his company, Black Sheep Films.

While this is Livschitz’s third video featuring “amusement rides on the loose in the big city,” I couldn’t shake the feeling that, somehow, somewhere, I had seen all this before.