Are Trump “Pee On Me” Statues One Step Too Far?

Photo via Porcupine Armadillo Twitter.

PARK SLOPE – Several statues have appeared throughout the borough showing President Trump on a small patch of grass with the term “Pee on Me.”

Gothamist reported the statues were found near the intersection of Union Street and 7th Avenue. A statue also appeared in front of the Prospect Park Entrance on Ninth Street but was thrown away.

The creator, Phil Gable, executive producer, and creative director at Porcupine Armadillo, told Gothamist “it was partly a public service.”

“[Dogs] need positive places to pee. If you reward them enough for peeing in appropriate places, that’s the best way to keep them from peeing in places that annoy people. So I sprayed the whole thing down with a dog potty-training aid to make it attractive to initial users,” Gable said.

Gable further told Gothamist that this creation was how he expressed himself and his “disdain for Donald Trump.” He said it was an attempt at humor — satire, you could call it.

Photo: Phil Gable

When we asked Gable if the statues were indeed “too far,” he said, “I know some very straight-laced Democrats, some Trump supporters, have been offended on grounds of ‘going too far.’ They have a right to their opinions.”

“But when you look at what this President has said and done in public, and you look at his Twitter feed,” he said, “and you look at how his policies treat refugees, immigrants, foreign allies, women, religious minorities, law enforcement, people of color – actually anyone who isn’t related to him – is a pee joke about a President who may well be making some of his decisions just to hide footage of him watching someone else pee really going really ‘too far?’ I don’t think so.”

Regardless of what anyone thinks, Gable believes dogs peeing on powerful men is inherently funny.

“I think it’s great to live in a country where we have the freedom to express ourselves and the freedom to disagree,” he said. “I think it’s also high time we got dogs more involved in politics. I think they would do a better job than the current administration – they couldn’t do any worse.”

But whatever the reason to create these statues may be, it makes one wonder, is this really a step too far?

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  1. Thank you Gable for your powerful statement. Too far? Perhaps some might say don’t fight fire with fire … but in this case … Gable has been very tame in his approach. I would have been far more extreme.

  2. They take down the confederate flag and statues, but this they think is funny and okay. What is this country coming to. Come on now. Have some RESPECT!!!!!!

  3. These installations are brilliant, and the artists comments are spot on. The only thing going too far is this dangerous moron in office, and rapists on the Supreme Court. If you can’t take a joke, and that goes for you too BKLYNER, take your dog somewhere else. Just not on the trees people, urine isn’t a growth hormone for trees.

  4. This shows how disgusting, low and distorted moral and brains of the leftists – like dogs that they cares so much. Their political opponents never would allow themselves something like this low toward Obama or Clinton.

  5. If anything, the statuette makes Trump look semi-dignified, Gable should have been more realistic and depicted him as the fat orange slob that he is.
    By the way, pee-on-Trump sidewalk stencils have been around Brooklyn since the election and well used by dogs of all political persuasions.
    The office of the Presidency deserves our respect, but not Trump, who had dragged that office through the mud, as he cozies up to our enemies.

  6. Not too far, just right. Of course, getting back the unpaid taxes would be even better – but we’ll leave that to the NY State AG. In the meantime, we’ll pee 🙂

  7. It makes liberals look gross and desperate. Which, if that’s what they’re going for I guess they’ve succeeded. The whole concept is so disgusting. But, hey it’s making the Republican Party look more appealing by the day! I’m glad I do not associate with people like this

  8. Re: Natalie’s Andersons comment. Wow! Total delusion. There is more horror related to this administration than “a comment” could get into. This doggy satire is “gross”, … but the endless Really disgusting things are fine with Natalie. She’s oblivious to the EPA poisoning our children, the clear evidence that Putin and Trump are partners in crime(s). The fake president chickenhawk that refused military service. The murder of 1000’s of innocents by American bombs in Yemen, in collaboration with our Saudi “friends”. The list is endless. But a dog peeing on a little statuette, thats a problem for Natatiie and the people with their heads in the sand. History will prove them all wrong, but our democracy may be dead by then.

  9. LOL @ “common decency” and “RESPECT!!!!!!” These things would have to drop down about 50 levels just to reach the level of embarrassment that is our current President, not to mention the folks that voted him in thinking he was a populist.

  10. Thank you Gable for your insight.

    I knew instictively the day he slithered down the escalator…..we’re in for trouble. The country has never been the same and will not recover until he is out of our White House. It has to be left to the good people of our country to reject his warped ideology and, voting is the answer. Republicans are too afraid to stand up to him….we’re not. Teddy Roosevelt said…’Patriotism means to stand by the country not by the President’ even an illegitimate one.

    Did you go too far? Unfortunately we are dealing with a morally, ethically bankrupt human aberration.
    The one thing he craves is respect especially from those who have and will continue to reject him. Its
    roots probably go back to his mother. You’re saying what he will understand.

    In short, the gutter is his comfort zone…we’ll give him that. One objection however…I found the statue too
    flattering. He’s ugly….in every conceivable way


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