April 29, 2010: ‘Take Your Oxygen First’ Booksigning

State Senator Marty Golden’s office is spreading the word about a special book signing and informational session for anyone interested in caregiving for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders (some emphasis added):

Dessert with the Authors
Booksigning with Drs. Rosemary Laird & James Huysman,
Opening remarks by New York State Senator Martin J. Golden
BROOKLYN – April 12, 2010 — On Thursday, April 29, two authors of the best selling book Take Your Oxygen First will be presenting an educational evening for caregivers and loved ones of those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders. New York State Senator Martin J. Golden will make opening remarks and introduce the authors. Hosted by Bay Ridge Center and Park Slope Geriatric Day Center in Brooklyn, this informative evening will highlight the steps that families and friends need to take to ensure they are able to care for those around them. Both doctors will read excerpts from the book and speak from their own experiences, and the event will also feature a Q&A session for audience members.
Dr. James Huysman is the co-founder and former Executive Director of the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation. Dr. Rosemary Laird is Medical Director of the Health First Aging Institute in Melbourne, Florida, and an expert in geriatrics and memory loss. Together with well-known television celebrity, Leeza Gibbons, they have provided a helpful manual for families in transition. Take Your Oxygen First (LaChance Publishing, May 2009) was rated by the Library Journal as one of the Best Consumer Health Books of 2009.
Take Your Oxygen First combines heartfelt stories about the Gibbons family with current medical, nutritional, psychological, and spiritual information and advice for caregivers. The title is a reminder to “put your mask on first before you help others,” as flight attendants explain before take-off. The meaning of these instructions becomes crystal clear: if you don’t take care of yourself first, you’ll be unable to care for your loved ones in their time of need.
“Dessert with the Authors” will be held at Bay Ridge Center, 6935 4th Avenue in Brooklyn from 6 – 8 pm on Thursday, April 29. The event is free and open to the public, but space is limited. Please call Linda Farrell at 718-748-0873, ext. 101, to make a reservation. Dessert and coffee will be provided. Books will be available for purchase at the event. For more information please visit www.psgdc.org.