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Apprentice Star Launches Pizzeria Chain In Sheepshead


chipp neapolitan pizza
Photo by Ned Berke

by Robert Fernandez

Hey, pizza… you’re fired!

… in a wood-fueled oven at 800 degrees in just 90 seconds.

That’s the gimmick at Chipp Neapolitan Pizza (2971 Ocean Avenue), Sheepshead Bay’s newest pie-tossing eatery, and the brainchild of former The Apprentice contestant Lenny “The Russian” Veltman. It’s the first in what he hopes to be an empire of classed-up pizza joints across the nation.

“We wanted to create a modern lounge much like a Chipotle or Panera Bread store, not another take out pizza joint. Somewhere you’d go on a date, sit back with a beer or a glass of wine while eating the best pizza in the city,” said Veltman.

Focusing on high-quality ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella di buffalo, Prosciutto di Parma and Caputo 00 flour, this “Verace Pizza Napoletana”-certified cook and his partners are aiming to take on the Brooklyn pizza legends.

“Grimaldi’s is crap. DiFara awful. Totonno’s garbage,” said the chef.

“You can’t cook pizza using coal,” Veltman added. “It burns too hot and dries out the ingredients.”

chipp neapolitan pizza, apprentice lenny veltman, sheepshead bay
Photo by Ned Berke (click to enlarge)

Veltman said he designed the oven himself, even hand-selecting the colored glass tiles that decorate the bulging dome. It was built by Neapolitan craftsmen, and operates continuously at 800 degrees fueled by an oak fire.

“Keeping the fire at 800 degrees or higher, produces a perfectly cooked pizza in about 90 seconds,” said Veltman. The pizzas are “true Neopolitan style with a light crisp crust that is soft in the middle.” It’s mean to be consumed with a fork and knife.

Chipp is unusual for a Brooklyn pizza joint as it does not offer slices, but only individual pies. Selections range from a “Marinara” – tomato sauce, oregano and garlic – and no cheese – to the namesake of the store “The Chipp,” which piles on Mount Vesuvius tomatoes, parmesan, fresh basil and caramelized Cipollini onions. They currently offer 14 pies with the traditional red marinara sauce base and five “Bianco” or white pizzas. Of course you can build your own, with over 30 toppings to choose from. Prices range from $8.50 to $15.75. Chipp also offers a choice of five salads and a selection of beer and wine.

Veltman and his partners have some big plans for the budding chain, which will have an official grand opening on Monday, November 22.

“This is only our first store. We’re building an empire here,” he said.

They plan to open at least five additional lounges in Brooklyn, and then head to Boston and Philadelphia. At that point, the cartoon Cipollini onion that is their mascot will be redesigned with a crown, Veltman said.

And for those doubting that a national brand can get it’s start in Sheepshead Bay, think again. After all, Veltman’s former boss, Donald Trump, did it.

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  1. He’s talking about the great pizza places of Brooklyn like that, and also expects us to eat his pizza with a fork and knife?? Screw him. I’ll never step foot in that place.

  2. ‘ “Grimaldi’s is crap. DiFara awful. Totonno’s garbage,” said the chef.”

    That is low class nonsense.

    Further, Panera is owned by McDonald’s; it’s okay, butit’s still mass-produced fast food. If those are his ideas about fine dining, good luck. But I wouldn’t go to his restaurant.

  3. When I think of Pizza, I think of something affordable, warm, and tasty. Me being forced to buy a whole pie … yeah that a problem. But maybe some would like that. I’ll give it a try for sure just because of the oven, but I don’t think I’ll be spending much of my dollars and cents on buying pizza from there on a daily basis. Doesn’t seem to be affordable for todays times, if your eating alone and on a budget that is.

  4. Since when is pizza about trash-talking? And since when are Chipotle and Panera not “just another take-out joint”? Compare this opening to the opening of Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint. One of these men knows pizza; the other was on The Apprentice.

    And not to insinuate worship of Jim Leff, but that dude has done a pretty thorough job of slamming the concept of Panera as fine dining, using DiFara as a reference point throughout:

  5. There are places similar to this in the city, and through out the country. As New Yorkers, we take for granted the way we eat pizza. We like a nice slice which we can fold and eat. They don’t eat pizza that way in most other states.

  6. How Could he diss Totonno’s and Di Fara’s, then compare himself to freaking Panera???? what an idiot. Oh, yeah, I’d much rather take a date to Panera…..

    This idiot wants to make money, not pizza. Too bad in a year he won’t make either.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to trying the place and waiting and waiting for it to open. Finally, they opened this week and I drove up to try and get some pizza.

    I drove away disappointed.

    Problem #1: There is no Phone Number on the sign or store front. If you want to know the number or website you have to go in and get a menu. Considering the place is directly in front of a bus stop this is many different sorts of bad. If I want a menu to check the place out I have to park around the corner or risk getting a ticket?

    Problem #2: I was hoping they would be willing to do Curbside delivery the way some other pizzerias do. If they can send someone half a mile away, surley they can send someone outside for a customer who can’t leave their car unattended. Well, I never got that far, because when I called to ask about 2 slices so I could sample their food the girl on the phone was confused. “Slices? You want Slices? We don’t serve slices!”


    How the hell do you open a new Pizzaria in Brooklyn, especially in Sheepshead which is an area flooded with reputable pizzarias and refuse to sell slices? Who the hell is gonna try 8-10$ on a pie. Their menu doesn’t even advertise the size. Is it a small 5″ pizza? Is it a full size pie? If its full size why no slices?

    Problem #3: Now I come on here and read that this shmuck is dissing some of Brooklyn’s most legendary pizzarias?

    Yea, that just seals the deal for me.

    Hey asshole, you just lost a customer. I was really looking forward to try your pizza, and I’d have really been into your 800 degree concept too. The lack of slices put me off but I was still willing to give you a try, but your attitude crosses the line and you’re not getting a cent of my money.

    Oh, I drive a cab by the way, in the area. I’m gonna spread the word that nobody spend a dime in your joint. Let that be a lesson to you. You don’t move here and trash our pizza.

    And by the way, PIZZA WAS INVITED IN NEW YORK in 1905, not Italy.

  8. I’m gonna give it a try, but this pizza better be the best thing I have ever eaten after them talking shit about the legends, after all I have no problem standing 2 hours on a Di Fara’s line because it’s worth it!

    In their defense, i think I know why they don’t sell slices. If the oven is 800 degrees and it takes about a minute to make, how the hell can you reheat a slice from a pie that has been cooked without ruining it?

    Very very skeptical!

  9. The first pizzeria to open was in Manhattan, NYC. So WE get to set the rules on how to eat pizza. Arthur is right. They are all eating it wrong 😉

  10. I have always tried to support local businesses, and try out any new food place that opens in Sheepshead (that has food I like), but this guy can go stick his pizza and his attitude up his bum 🙂

  11. I’m still going to give this place a shot, if I avoided every restaurant where the head chef was an asshole with an ego, my dining options would be very limited.

    That being said, its a shame to hear someone trashing established institutions. Why can’t you play it smart and just say you want to break into those ranks one day?
    Especially Totonno’s: Antonio Pero pretty much INVENTED the pizza and to this day that place has some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

  12. Agreed about great pizza, place and overall concept. They will definitely do well. As far as the comment ‘Grimaldi pizza
    is crap’ I could just see Trump in these comments. As far as chipp pizza, it is definitely great pizza!!! Fresh, tasty just like mywife and I had tried during our last trip in Italy. Will be watching Sunday football with my friends tomorrow while eating pizza and drinking beer @ CHIPP:)

  13. Get a life! I think u are full of your self. That is right, after all u are a taxi driver. Hmmm, if u would be smart u would be doing something else then driving taxi:(My guess you probably never, ever tried
    Real pizza and don’t know what it takes to open new business, create jobs and let people to try a new pizza. If everyone would of had the same attitude as u u would of been out of job???

  14. I think everyone should give them a try.

    There’s always a lot of ego behind every chef and a fair amount of bluster.

    If the chef wants to compare his pizza to the pizzas of Grimaldi’s, Totonno’s and St.Dom of DiFara, I say we hold him to that standard.

  15. Ok, my father owns this apartment building where CHIPP had opened its doors. I personally know the owner and think he is a really nice, honest, blunt and hard working guy with nice family. After reading many of your comments all I could say is that, once again, the owner of CHIPP pizza proved to be not only nice but also a very smart guy, of cause assuming he really did stated what is written about other pizzas in this article.
    The fact that he is having that many people talking about him before official grand opening, says a lot.
    He is following Trumps and other popular people foot steps, controversy usually generates more attraction. Think about it, if person doing this article would publish, something like ‘Here we go, another pizza place on Ocean ave, nice oven, delicious pizza and etc.’, none of you would then be bloging about this place as you would have nothing to talk about it.
    I stopped by twice this week to eat pizza at this place and can’t have enough of it. BTW, CHIPP pizza received official VPN certification, the actual certificate is posted on the wall at the restaurant.

  16. Ok, my father owns this apartment building where CHIPP had opened its doors. I personally know the owner and think he is a really nice, honest, blunt and hard working guy with nice family. After reading many of your comments all I could say is that, once again, the owner of CHIPP pizza proved to be not only nice but also a very smart guy, of cause assuming he really did stated what is written about other pizzas in this article.
    The fact that he is having that many people talking about him before official grand opening, says a lot.
    He is following Trumps and other popular people foot steps, controversy usually generates more attraction. Think about it, if person doing this article would publish, something like ‘Here we go, another pizza place on Ocean ave, nice oven, delicious pizza and etc.’, none of you would then be bloging about this place as you would have nothing to talk about it.
    I stopped by twice this week to eat pizza at this place and can’t have enough of it. BTW, CHIPP pizza received official VPN certification, the actual certificate is posted on the wall at the restaurant.

  17. VPN certification means nothing, good pizza is good pizza regardless of what a corrupt and greedy organization like VPN thinks. Anyone with $1500+ and a few weeks of training can get VPN certified.

    That being said, I truly believe Lenny isn’t the asshole he is made out to be around here and simply made typically reckless off-the-cuff comments ala Trump. I don’t think he even considered the fact that this would bring him media attention, but I doubt that he minds it either.

    Regardless, I’ll be going to pick up a couple of pizzas in about an hour to see for myself if his words have any merit. If the pizza is as good as he says it is, then who cares how arrogant he is. Arrogance has a place with those who deserve it.

    If the pizza is crap (which quite honestly, I kind of expect it to be) then it will just be an other business that came and went in Sheepshead Bay. Wouldn’t be the first.

    Has anyone actually tried the pizza? Any opinions/suggestions? How big are the pies?

  18. I tried it twice and was always impressed with lightness of the dought and fresh taste of ingredients. The size of the pizza is about 12” ( the size of the very large dinner plate). I am a small person and usually dont eat much but was able to finish all and did not feel heavy at all 🙂

  19. Your problem 2 does not make sense, this problem says a lot about your intellect and understanding of fresh, healthy food. Do you homework and search for ‘ pizza in Brooklyn’ on Google. It will return you the list of most popular pizza restaurants with revenue of 1mln or more, none of these restaurants serving pizza by slices. If you want to slice then the restaurant will have to bake the pizza pie which will then be sitting around on the counted for sometime, assholes like you will decide to buy all these slices til pie is gone. Yaaaayk… This is why best, reputable pizza restaurants in US or anywhere in the world do not sell pizza by slices.

  20. Hello all…kind of mind boggling that these insults are flying around here between you guys. So Ill be detailed in my experience with CHIPP.

    I have been to the pizza places he insulted hundreds of times and I am pizza lover just like the next guy/girl. I love L&B squares, Totonno’s is great, Grimaldis is a gem, and DiFara’s is awesome. Do I agree with him insulting the above mentioned places???…whatever…competition never hurt anyone and besides this guy came to bat with a truly great product. Not just a hole-in-the-wall-by-the-slice type of place.

    I just got back from CHIPP’s with a buddy of mine, also a pizza lover, about an hour ago or so and am truly impressed. We got the Marghetta pie with Basil/onions/mushrooms and sausage. Got the pie in 5 minutes. Freshly prepared in front of us in 3 minutes or so and about 2 minutes in the oven. Crispy…thin…ingredients are fresh and juicy. Overall and excellent mix. The place itself is cozy with tv’s, nice music and a very nice vibe. And on top of it all i sparked up a convo with Lenny and had a couple of laughs with him about this article and he is a really nice guy who believes in his product and I believe that he is on to something here. This is a great place to hang out with a bunch of your friends and watch the game, have a couple of beers or wine, over a few really really good slices of true neopolitan pizza. To be honest with you I will be going back there very very shortly to try different combo’s of toppings.

  21. A description of pizza in Naples around 1830 is given by the French writer and food expert Alexandre Dumas, père in his work Le Corricolo, Chapter VIII. He writes that pizza was the only food of the humble people in Naples during winter and that “in Naples pizza is flavored with oil, lard, tallow, cheese, tomato, or anchovies.”
    The first printed reference to “pizze” served in the US is a 1903 article in the Boston Journal. The first “official” pizzeria in America is generally believed to have been founded by Gennaro Lombardi in Little Italy, Manhattan. Gennaro Lombardi opened a grocery store in 1897 which later was established as the first pizzeria in America in 1905 with New York’s issuance of the mercantile license. An employee of his, Antonio Totonno Pero, began making pizza for the store to sell that same year.
    The price for a pizza was five cents but, since many people couldn’t afford the cost of a whole pie, they would instead say how much they could pay and they were given a slice corresponding to the amount offered. In 1924, Totonno left Lombardi’s to open his own pizzeria on Coney Island called Totonno’s. While the original Lombardi’s closed its doors in 1984, it was reopened in 1994 just down the street and is run by Lombardi’s grandson.

  22. I don’t exactly feel like writing an entire review here tonight, so maybe I’ll give more details tomorrow, but here is what I wrote about this place to some of my friends who asked about it on Facebook:
    So I tried it. Got 2 pies. One Margarita and one Capri. The girl had the nerve to ask me if I’m eating in. It scares me to think that I look like I could handle two pies of pizza on my own, even if they are only 13 inches.

    I agree with [redacted] completely, its something different, but I don’t really think its different in a good way. Maybe I’m just too used to Brooklyn pizza, but this seamed like something I can throw together at home and stick it in a toaster oven with the same results. The decor on the other hand isn’t bad at all for a pizza place. It looked like a nice place to sit down and get some wine, if only the pizza was a little better.

    Call me what you want, tell me I haven’t been cultured, or that I don’t know good food… but in the end I personally was not impressed.

    That being said, my parents seemed to have really enjoyed it. They said they wouldn’t mind having it again. They liked the really thin crust, fresh ingredients, and the fact that it seemed a lot healthier than the stuff you get elsewhere. So maybe its just me.

    I still think Lenny is the man, and it was nice seeing him in person and doing something like this so close to my house, but I can’t say I’d personally be too excited to go back.

  23. Well I know what the problems is, Russians should not be making pizza… is just wrong. Hey, do you know if they take “benefits” there yet. Oh mabey that is only if you know Vlad at the food stamp office 😉

  24. Careful Mr. Apprentice Guy. Bad move. We Brooklyn people don’t like to be dissed -especially if you’re not one of us. Clearly you’re not from here or you would have known that. I’d say Strikes 1 and 2……….

  25. It’s not even genuine attitude; it’s totally contrived. Mr Veltman is trying to come across as the next Anthony Mangieri. His spiel is the same boring manifesto that has been doing the rounds in NY for the last two years which is spoon-fed to wannabe pizza-rockstars courtesy of aVPN. For all the San Marzano, Bufala, authentic oven posturing, I’ve yet to see it actually deliver better pizza.

    It’s got to the point that any pizzeria that starts preaching about its ingredients and oven is like a red flag to me…I’d much sooner go to somewhere like Paulie Gee’s than any of the VPN/verified-Neapolitan places.

  26. I agree that the highest quality pizzerias (at least that I have tried) sell whole pies only. That does not dismiss the fact that Lenny “The Russian” Veltman is a jacktard and that the VPN Americas is largely a marketing gimmick and an organization which cannot even patrol itself…allowing some members to employ pizzamaking techniques which are NOT true Napoletana.

    Places like Totonno’s Coney Island have been around for multiple decades because they serve a very good pizza, while this jack off will most likely be gone in the not too distant future….just another fad which missed the heart of the matter. Eff Off. –K

  27. “You can’t cook pizza using coal,” Veltman added. “It burns too hot and dries out the ingredients.””

    Idiot statement. The hotter the oven, the faster the baking time, the more moisture is retained in the crust (which is why Neapolitan crusts rarely maintain their crispness for more than…oh about 30 seconds after removing from the oven).

  28. My family and I went there and we ordered 1 kids pizza and 1 regular pizza, we paid for it $30. I think it’s way too expensive for pizza place. It was good pizza though but nothing extraordinary for $30.

  29. Grimaldi’s is crap. DiFara awful. Totonno’s garbage,” said the chef. ??? Wow you better have big balls and be able to back that up with your pizza. I’ll try it… But so far I’m skeptical.

    It’s mean to be consumed with a fork and knife.???? Right away I start thinking of that Brooklyn commercial….. Fold it like a man!! I’m folding it like a man!!!! hahaha

  30. Went to this place over the weekend, the place had no service and the actual pizza is BAD… the sauce, the meats, HORRENDOUS… would not come back again… Thought i’d give it a shot but no more…

  31. Assholes don’t buy all the (cold) slices until its all gone. I’ve never been to any pizza place that didn’t reheat the pizza for you without asking if it’s been sitting on the counter for any period of time.

  32. YOu probably got a regular pizza with a lots of topics. My boyfriend and I went out on Friday and had two pizzas one with salmon and another regular margherita and we also pay around $30, which was waaaaay cheaper then the one we tried in Grimaldi.

  33. My 2 cents – Completely disagree, the pizza that my wife and I had on Friday was delicious (one was with spicy salami and another with prosciutto), but of course everyone allows to state their own opinion and New York is a big city, and you could always find what taste right for you.
    As far as the service, I actually like not to have waitresses running around doing nothing, I prefer to get my food, especially since we got it in about 5 minutes, and sit down watch TV or play on my laptop using their free wi-fi, while no one is bothering me and asking stupid questions every 5 minutes.
    However, what I noticed on this blog there are lots (of cause not all) of incompetent, jealous people that have nothing to do but trash other people initiatives.
    All I could say get a life and get over it, life is too short.
    I respect people that have balls and could open and run their business, it is not easy. As far as Lenny’s negative comments, I am not really sure if he really said that or the author of this article made this thing up, just to give all of you something to talk about it. I guess he knows his users and the topics that could spark this ridiculous blog.

  34. Clearly, you’re either the owner, the chef or someone associated with them.

    How dare you call any poster here incompetent because we don’t agree with you or have our own opinion hrm? Now that everyone is upset at your comments you’re trying to rewrite history by calling Rob’s integrity into question?

    You’re just making yourself and your place look worse man. The best thing you could have done was apologize for trashing Brooklyn Legends and make your pizza stand up on its own. Instead you come and disparage posters and their opinions.

    Nobody here is jealous that a new pizzaria is in town. On the contrary, many of us were looking forward to it! Especially me.

    Pizza has a very long tradition in New York, especially Brooklyn, we hold our legendary pizza to a very strict standard. That stuff they sell in Chicago? Not pizza. When you open someplace new that’s outside what people are used too you can’t expect them to dive right in without some apprehension, and the attitude by the chef makes that all that more difficult. In these parts pizza with a knife and fork is a gimmick, nothing more.

    Anywho, please stop posting negative comments about other posters, especially if they disagree with your opinion. You’re more then welcome to post your own opinion for everyone to read, but when you attack others all you’re doing is destroying your own credibility.

    To the owner/chef at Chipps, I’m sure you’re reading this. The only advice I can give you is to take to heart what you read here and consider using it to improve your business. There’s no reason you can’t do be a bit more down to earth traditional while still trying out your ideas.

  35. It is a nice place, but i do not think it has the future that Lenny would predict. Having an empty place and making customers to carry their tray with coffee or tea before the pizza is served was very strange. Pizza itself was ok, not up to our expectations and not to the owners claims. I think Lenny did not taste Patsies pizza yet, otherwise he would not make such claims. And yes, it looks like that at this “lounge” you have to take out your trash.

  36. you are right and I love being able not to take trash and spent by tip money on beer or wine. This what other places started to do and so far maketing shows it works. I work for marketing research and could prove you that your statement is wrong.

  37. Actually, I could only wish that I would be the owner, well may be one day…. I had stumbled across this blog, while I was searching for ARBUZ place, some one had suggested trying yogurt from ARBUZ place, so I was looking for review on this place.
    I am not sure my comments are all that bad considering the rest. I read all of them as I have been a fan of Lenny and really believe he is a great guy and he is definitely into something with this concept. Just because you and few others don’t like his concept does not mean that you have to trash the owner and destroy his dreams.
    All my life I followed the motto ‘life is too short’ trying to do more good then bad, wish everyone else would do the same.
    BTW, I will be stopping to pick up pizza tonight so I could eat while watching dancing with the stars, so I will staff at pizza place whether they had seen this article. I doubt it. Actually I would be glad if they did not. This is the end. Please continue to trash the rest of the businesses in your area, may be one day all of you will be out of work.

  38. Just stopped by to pick up a menu. Guess the $9.50 for the Margherita doesn’t include tax and you were served and left a tip. Otherwise it’s hard to see how you spent $30. That would be the price for two of the more expensive pizzas.

    There is a sign that any order comes with a free soda during the Grand Opening.

    Wonder if they would sell a kid’s pizza to someone without a kid because a 6″ pie is enough for me. That I’d be willing to try just out of curiousity.

  39. You shouldn’t be criticizing the blog by calling it “ridiculous” for giving this establishment free publicity. You should be thanking them. The moderator isn’t responsible for the content of the comments.

  40. Nice of you to join us, Chipp Inc.!
    First of all, I think it’s quite ridiculous that you have gone around trashing someone for their line of work when it’s blatantly obvious that they are far more intelligent than you are. Spelling aside, criticizing someone for being a cab driver because they give a bad review of your establishment is, well, just plain stupid.
    Secondly, I visited your restaurant tonight and I was far from impressed. The pizza was awful, the service was even worse. It was like you were trying SO HARD to be Motorino, but the food and service I received was comparable to buying a slice at Kennedy Fried Chicken. It’s not just him.

    This message brought to you by proper fucking grammar.

  41. Mind you, I received this awful food (“fresh ingredients” do not included jarred mushrooms and canned tomatoes) and terrible service (if you decide to have a setup so awful as to make me feel like a cow on my way to the slaughter, you could at least have the decency to have ANY of the ten people up front greet me with a “hello” and explain to me your fucked-up process of what a sit-down pizza joint is), on your GRAND OPENING. Good job! I’m placing my bets that your business will fail some time within the next six months.

  42. Don’t. You will be disappointed. I actually wanted to cry for cheating on Di Fara. Hell, I even wanted to apologize to Del Mar for not going to them instead.

  43. Maybe they had a case of the Mondays then, because my experience was the exact opposite – jarring techno remixes, soggy pizza, bad service.

  44. Totonno’s and Grimaldi’s are garbage? You should get down on your knees right now and pray that you make it for 1 year. Totonno’s and Grimaldi’s have been here forever – you’re just a snot nose kid compared to them. Besides, your pizza is supposed to be Sicilian? You’re a F****n Russian. I will never patronize your pizzaria

  45. Yeah Frankie – everything is “luxury” with the Russians – and they like crowns also. Their mascott – a cippolini onion with a crown – what dumb asses.

  46. They won’t do curbside for the customer? That’s a very good way to lose business. Good customer service is non-existant with Russian business. Read customer reviews from Baku Palace, Rasputin and all the other Russian shit holes. They mostly focus on extremely poor customer service.

  47. Being Russian has nothing to do with the inability to properly make an ethnic dish. I’ve had great pizzas made by Mexicans and Chinese, awesome Chinese food done by Italians and Greeks and spectacular Jaimaican food by Puerto Ricans. Techniques and ingredients don’t discriminate.

    However piss-poor attitudes can, and will, alienate. In this case, us, from patronizing the venue. Seeing some of the above posts, I already believe the owner of the venue has seen this article and attacked some of the negative commenters and reviewers, while hyping his own product.

    For the moment though, I am willing to give this place a try. Maybe next weekend, as I’ll be dining on Thanksgiving leftovers this weekend 😀


  49. First off, what does a Russian know about pizza? Lenny I tried your pizza, your not even close to being competition for Grimaldi’s or Difara. Let me give you the run down on you and pizza….you look like crap….your dough is awful & your sauce is garbage….

  50. I just had his pizza and it Sucked, He said “Grimaldi’s is crap. DiFara awful. Totonno’s garbage,” Cant wait for him to go out of business. His pizza uses cheap meat & cheese and when i picked it up just fell down, very very poor.

  51. I am sure this Russian idiot will know all about making a good pizza, especially when he wants it to be a luxury and compares it to ‘Chipotle.”  Maybe if he wasn’t such an immature idiot, he would have a chance, but this is a very bad way to start a business. Pizza isn’t about building an empire. It’s about good food and a passionate cook. This guy needs to go back to reality tv. 


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