Applebee’s Coming To Coney Island

An Applebee’s is opening up on Surf Avenue between Stillwell Avenue and West 12th Street this summer, thrilling just about everyone wondering if the chain would ever truly come to Coney Island.

According to a press release, corporate Applebee’s executives couldn’t be more pumped at the prospect of pushing their fried things and whatever-the-hell-this-is along the proud Coney Island Boardwalk.

“Imagine sitting above the excitement of Surf Avenue, watching the comings and goings on the infamous Coney Island Boardwalk while dining on Applebee’s signature favorites,” said impossibly named Applebee’s CEO Zane Tankel in the press release.

Thank the lord corporate America discovered Coney Island. I was always so bored watching Coney Island’s comings and goings. I’m so glad I can cram some biologically impossible riblets into my face hole.

Good? Bad? You tell us.