(Anti) Valentine’s Day Cabaret Coming To Bay Ridge February 9 [UPDATED]

A Bay Ridge acting school is planning to host a Valentine’s Day-themed production a week from today. The “Valentine’s Cabaret” will include individual performances by residents and business owners alike.

Billed as a celebration of “the day we hate to love and love to hate,” the show will consist of short skits, poetry readings, songs and monologue musings on a holiday that many have mixed feelings about.

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“We’re doing the love/anti-love thing,” Daniel Gershburg, who is an attorney as well as part time promoter for acting school Dimensions On Stage (7601 3rd Ave), told Bensonhurst Bean. “So (for example) the owner of Cebu (8801 3rd Ave) will do some cool bit from Dazed and Confused.” (note- the owner of Cebu will NOT be doing a bit from Dazed and Confused -JT)

Gershburg described the event as a rare opportunity for area business owners to converge in a casual atmosphere.

“It’s kind of cool because it’s all the businesses in the community getting together, but it’s really not a networking event.  More like a get to know you thing.”

What’s most impressive about the performance, according to its participants, is the way Dimensions On Stage, which is run by Lauren Perilli, was able to amass such an array of unabashed local talent.

“It’s been growing so much and we have a ton of local businesses that have volunteered to perform (yes, poetry and all),” said Gershburg. ” I think it’s a great way to get a sense of community and connect small businesses together.”

It all goes down next Thursday, February 9, at 8 p.m. in Dimensions On Stage’s storefront theatre space.

For more details, please visit DimensionsOnStage.com, or call (718) 833-4167.

Dimensions On Stage is located at 7601 3rd Avenue, near 76th Street in Bay Ridge.