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Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found In Manhattan Beach, Teenage Suspects Sought



Anti-Semitic messages and swastikas were found painted on several properties on Exeter Street in Manhattan Beach over the weekend, and police believe the perps were five white teenage males.

The graffiti was discovered on homes, a tree stump and a construction site early Sunday morning, according to a message sent by the Manhattan Beach Community Group.

JPUpdates reports that surveillance video captured the five suspects spray painting the Exeter Street home of Victor Popovsky:

“We are not going to tolerate this nonsense. Not in this neighborhood and not anywhere else,” said Popovsky, a physics teacher at PS321 in Park Slope.

The teenagers sprayed swastika on a tree and lamp post, as well as hate graffiti at a constructs site.

Council member Chaim Deutsch was seen on the scene Sunday afternoon trying to remove the graffiti with no success. “Words of hate and graffiti of hate will not be tolerated, in this community or in any other neighborhood,” Mr. Deutsch told JP. “As a son of holocaust survivors I take these incidents very personal.”

“We need to educate our youth of what such hate graffiti means,” Mr. Deutsch added.

Deutsch told the outlet that the NYPD is investigating it as a hate crime.

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz has called for those responsible to be punished for their actions:

“The appearance of hate graffiti in two predominantly Jewish neighborhoods this weekend — here in my district in Manhattan Beach and also in Borough Park — reminds us that we can never educate people enough about anti-Semitism and the dangers of intolerance.

“Whether the graffiti was motivated by hatred, anger, boredom or ignorance the result is exactly the same: it makes residents feel uncomfortable and frightened to be in the place they call home. This is unacceptable under any circumstances, and particularly in neighborhoods where many Holocaust survivors sought refuge.

“The person responsible for this crime must be punished to the fullest extent that the law allows, and all of us must continue to speak out swiftly and decisively against any act of hatred that takes place in our community.”

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  1. I dare any punks to put any Anti-Semitic messages on my car I have Israeli flag hanging inside rear view mirror

  2. God bless Israeli’s and the Borough Park Jews. That is sickening what the ex-cop did in Boro Park. However, defacing the property of the so-called Russian Jews is another thing in and of itself. Look at their household income, in terms of the Williamsburg and Borough Park Jews. They deface our cemeteries by putting their nasty mugs up, when that is against Jewish tradition.

  3. Defacing any property anywhere with anti-Semitic graffiti is sickening… unless it is on the property of what you call “so-called Russian Jews?” Tell me, how are you different from a racist?

  4. This is the result of allowing outsiders into our neighborhoods. We can no longer tolerate any outsiders. They are offensive, dirty and show us how they are intolerant with acts of hate like this.

  5. Mozeltov wrote some weird comment. How can Mozel keep “outsiders” away from his (her?) neighborhood? If Tov wants to live in a gated community move to SeaGate or out of Brooklyn, It is comments like this that make me pessimistic about the future of Brooklyn having silly people take over.

  6. I think something happened last night (Sunday PM-Monday AM) as well. I walked out of my house this AM and nearly every garbage can on the block had been knocked over, it looked the 3rd world. Also, there were police on Oriental Blvd this AM looking at cars, not sure of the reason.

  7. It is the Arab people. We were saying not to build the mosque. They are counted as white and they hate Jews. I go to work everyday, taking the B or Q from Sheepshead Bay and am forced to ride with all these Arabs and Orientals. Are they forcing me to move?

  8. Probably just a teenage prank, what a shame, though-I know Victor personally, he is a great guy, BTW, he is not physics, but rather physical ed teacher. I can’t imagine someone doing it to his house as a revenge.

  9. I know Victor too. He works for KCC and i would not be surprised if he slept with half the girls on the sports teams at Kingsborough.

  10. Lana, would that be a shortened version of SVETLANA?? If you don’t like it , you can go back where you came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The people who you ride the train with are probably better then you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Where is Dov Hikind, when we need him?! Today, most of the uneducated rabble, think of Jews as the Caftan wearing, sidelock wearing, Black Hat, wig adorned, increasing horde, who have taken the be fruitful and multiply admonition very seriously! And of course, our Arab Jewish Syrian Friends! When in fact, there are still relatively few, of such landsmen and landsmenettes, except around our parts!…Actually, most of us abhor such nonsense, but I am increasingly disturbed too, by other grafitti vandalism, around our lovely neighborhoods, and our politicos, while falling all over themselves to condemn this kind of garbage, fail to address the larger problem of local defacements! Have you seen the awful grafitti under the El, on Avenue “Y” between E15th. and E16th.?! Where’s the outrage?!!!

  12. So, if there’s surveillance video showing the perps in action, why not post it so that they can be identified? Once the police know who they are, and if they turn out to be juveniles, the NYPD may not release their names..


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