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Another Serious Car Accident on Ave Y & East 21 St


(Photos courtesy of Sheepshead Bites reader)

There has been another serious motor vehicle accident in Sheepshead Bay. This accident occurred at around 7:50 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at the same location of Sunday’s accident – Avenue Y near East 21 Street and Ocean Avenue.

The same alert reader, who told us about the accident that occurred just two days ago on March 15, 2009, has written in with his account of what he saw after the accident had occurred. Here is an excerpt:

Based on looking at the scene, I believe it was a chain reaction accident that involved four different vehicles. The white Volkswagen might have had a hard stop forcing the white Lexus behind to have a hard stop as well. Then the gold color Toyota Camry also had a hard stop. But unfortunately, the new model Toyota Camry could not stop in time and crashed right into its back. From the pictures attached you can see the gold Toyota Camry suffered just as much damage as the white Toyota Camry — if not more.

There must have been at least one injury as I saw that the EMT carried someone onto a flat bed into their vehicle.

Thank you to our reader for the on-the-scene information. We hope he won’t have to send us another story like this ever again.

Our reader would like to reach out to those in our community, including politicians and transportation officials, to help put an end to these dangerous road conditions. Please feel free to write us, if you would like to contact him.

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