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Another P.S. 193 Educator Threatens To Have Parent Arrested [Video]


Less than a week after a father’s arrest scandalized P.S. 193, another educator threatened to call police on a parent — this time for videotaping a meeting with two city councilmen.

More than 200 people, including children, packed the elementary school’s auditorium Tuesday night for a meeting with City Councilman Jumaane Williams, who had also invited Councilman Chaim Deutsch. Parents voiced a range of opinions — with some standing behind the school’s embattled principal, Tami Flynn, and others calling for Flynn to be removed — after a father was arrested last week for confronting a teacher about his son soiling himself at school.

However, the discussion was frequently interrupted by a rowdy group in the back of the theater, who identified themselves as a “mix of staff” from the school.

When one mother, who had been videotaping the meeting, turned in her seat during an outburst, a staff member called for police guarding the auditorium to arrest the parent if she did not turn over her phone so the video could be erased.

“I want you to take her phone and erase that video she took of us,” the staff member shouted. “I want you to do that for me or I’m going to call the police.”

The statement is made at about the 3:18 mark in the video provided to Sheepshead Bites by Stacia Gregorio, the parent threatened with arrest.

Parents’ Association co-President Jennifer Brown identified the woman as Nina Dicioccio, a paraprofessional working with third graders at the school. A DOE spokesperson confirmed that a woman with that name works in a third grade class at P.S. 193.

Dicioccio’s tantrum, and several other disruptions from people in her group, stained what was an otherwise constructive dialogue among parents — some of whom called for the school’s community to come together and find a way to move forward. Simmering tensions between parents and the principal exploded last Wednesday when Vinny Nemorin, the Parents’ Association treasurer, was arrested for demanding his 7-year-old son not be denied using the bathroom. We were told the child had repeatedly soiled himself at school.

Brown, the Parents’ Association co-president, said Dicioccio’s threat spoke volumes about the toxic environment created by Principal Flynn — who came to the school three years ago.

“This is the culture in the school created under Flynn: We call the cops before we mediate,” she said.

Gregorio, the mother targeted for arrest, agreed that Flynn must go.

“The school is divided,” she explained. “I understand the educator’s point of view. They feel that if we’re attacking Flynn we’re also attacking them. But for an educator to yell at someone that they are going to get them arrested shows you have no respect for me as a parent at this school.”

Flareups between the group of educators and some of the parents became so fierce, Councilman Williams had to step in and comfort the children in the room.

“We love you and you have done nothing wrong,” Williams told the elementary schoolers after asking them to stand up so the audience could see children were at the meeting.

After Dicioccio and some her colleagues retreated from the auditorium during another shouting match, we found her near the school’s front entrance venting more frustration.

“This is disgusting,” she said. “They send their kids in with ringworm, half-clothed, and [Flynn] is so good to them.”

Dicioccio declined to identify herself or speak to us about the meeting.

Deutsch and Williams went down to the entryway to speak with the educators who stormed out of the auditorium. Two people in group, who identified themselves as staff members at the school, showed the councilmen a YouTube video of the confrontation that led to Nemorin’s arrest. They claimed it justified the use of law enforcement.

The video, published on this site, shows an irate Nemorin demanding that his son be allowed to use the bathroom and shouting: “You’re constantly getting him soiled everyday. You’re soiling him.”

Williams reacted to the video by saying: “From what I saw in that video, it didn’t rise to the level of an arrest needing to be made.”

Williams explained he came to the meeting, at the invitation of the Parents’ Association, in order to get feedback about discord at the school. When he asked for a show of hands from parents who are not satisfied with Flynn’s leadership, a majority of those in the room raised their hands. Parents who spoke at the meeting said Flynn had created an unwelcoming environment that preceded Nemorin’s arrest. They claimed it was difficult to meet with the administration, the school had done a poor job of communicating with parents, and those who spoke out were intimidated and bullied.

“The toxicity is so bad, there is no way to co-exist,” said Fritz Vilton, who has a third-grade daughter at P.S. 193. “You saw the reaction of some of the staff. It sounded like a threat to me. And that’s why it makes no sense to keep Principal Flynn here.”

However, criticism of Flynn and the school was not unanimous. Several parents defended her and pushed back against calls to have Flynn removed.

“When [Principal Flynn] is standing here in the morning, all the children run to her. The children love her,” said Angela Calle, who has three kids at the school. “And every time I have a question, she’s there to answer me. She’s very helpful.”

Williams said he plans to bring parents’ feedback to the Department of Education, which is investigating last week’s incident.

“Obviously, there’s an atmosphere here where I don’t know how conducive it is to a healthy learning environment,” he said. “I think, in general, that this incident should have been resolved in the school. Anytime, police are involved, your tools are limited. So my hope is that would be a measure of last resort. Not first resort.”

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  1. How about Principal Flynns alleged open door policy which is not an open door policy, but is blocked by her guard dog Susan but her entire staff is afraid to speak up about this, how about when Principal Flynn growled at a student in the playground and lastly but more importantly her close intimate relationship with a custodial/maintenance/safety officer with a male with a red corvette from another school who she has been seen with outside her school has been in her office and not one person will report it. Has anyone investigated her past personal relationship with the teacher from last week who refused to let the student go to the bathroom who has gotten written up before but she passed up other teachers and gave him this job. Open your eyes people.

  2. @the truth Thank you for exposing the truth! Please don’t let Principal Flynn or the administration silence you. Parents of PS 193 need to know the reality of this administration.

  3. I have two children at this school and this is a disgrace. I send my children to school to learn. I dont have time for this behind the scenes drama. Please stop for the sake of our children. I am embarrased at the fact that the entire country knows about this situation. Mr. Vinny seemed arrogant when I did attend a Pta meeting and it was regarding french classes being removed. From what I know, there wasnt a budget for it. I am happy with the school and the principal and I have not ever had an issue. The only people suffering are the students. Please stop.

  4. Note the difference between a Council Member actively urging calm and trying to bring order (Williams) and his waste-of-space colleague sitting in the front row trying to figure out the quickest way out of the room (Deutsch).

  5. @mommyof2 Flynn is the arrogant one. Mr. Nemorin is not the only parent whose child has had accidents because they were denied access to the bathroom. Many parents have spoken out with their own stories of their children suffering at the hands of Principal Flynn. No child should suffer through that, including yours!

  6. As a parent, I was in total shock to see the nasty, disgusting, disgraceful, unprofessional behaviors of some teachers and staff members at the Parent Town Hall meeting on March 1st, 2016 at P.S. 193 The Gil Hodges School. I recognized some of them but I continued to ask the questions if those were teachers? Those individuals who continued to be disruptive were very disrespectful to the kids, parents, invited guests and mostly Councilman Jumanee D. Williams. I’m totally disappointed to see the strong moral principles of P.S. 193 destroyed so. I call upon the Chancellor of the Dept of Education to step in and review those issues. I was not going to send my daughter to school the next day but I could not take the day off. I was glad for the opportunities to voice my concerns. We need answers and I’m feeling that the environment is unhealthy. I hope that any decisions taken would be to the best interests of the kids. I call for the removal of Tamy Flynn and some teachers and staff members.

  7. To Our Government at work.
    I wouldn’t judge this short video just as I wouldn’t judge the video of the arrest on you tube.
    I commended Councilman Deutsch at the meeting for attending even though the school is not in his district. He spoke very eloquently and to the point and stayed from beginning to end.

  8. To our government at work:
    I’m wondering if you where even there? If you where, then you wouldn’t have posted such nonsense. I was there. I appreciated Mr Duetchs words – it was logical and smart. This clip is a small part of what happened. When he spoke it was calm and quiet. People listened to him with respect and didn’t even interrupt him. Perhaps he stayed quiet as Mr Williams was speaking! Just sayin.

  9. I was not at the place. I am just writing because I am upset. I am a reader of sheepshead bites and saw someone writing bad against Chaim Duetch. I live in Brighton beach for over 30 years. Now is the first time that I have a person who hears when I have a problem. When I call his office they help me right away. Now when I have problems with anything from NYC I call his office. Council Duetch and all his office people are would do everything to help people. That is why I say that this video is not the full story.

  10. Hmm, interesting. Councilman Chaim Deutsch actually does very well in HIS OWN district. I applaud him for coming out of his district to support Councilman Williams who is very capably holding down his own district.

  11. I agree with you, however what if it was your child sitting in feces all day, would you feel the same? It is about educating the children, letting them strive, be leaders, be strong, stand up for their beliefs one day. However, if we can’t trust these people to keep our children in healthy, comfortable, safe learning conditions, each and every child, then what are we teaching them? To keep your mouth shut and sit in sh-t, your whole life? No, school is education, morals, behavior and rights and if Ms. Flynn can’t aid in promoting this to every child of every race, creed, gender, etc. and literally barks at those who tries to shut her down and goes against her, then it is paramount to bullying which is zero tolerance in New York State. Again, think how you would feel if it were your child, think how you would feel if you were arrested then for defending your child in a place you thought your child was safe? Yes, it’s about the education but education is inclusive of so much more.

  12. What is wrong with people? Don’t you know that you should be using landscape and NOT profile when shooting video?


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