Another Fast Food Chain Is Moving Into Coney Island

Photo by Robin Michals
A few holdouts on Surf Avenue. (Photo by Robin Michals)

Coney Island is becoming more like its landlocked cousin, Times Square.

We’ve barely entered the new year and already another franchisee is moving to add another fast food chain on Coney Island’s Surf Avenue.

Amusing the Zillion reports that Nafees Bukhara, who already owns the nearby Popeyes, signed a lease last week for a 1,900 square foot space at 1223 Surf Avenue — right underneath the Coney Island subway station — and plans to open a Pizza Hut Express in the space.

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The new chain will join a tidal wave of national franchises sweeping into the neighborhood’s amusement district. A Checkers opened in the area last month, joining other national chains like Wahlburgers, Applebees, Subway, and the Popeyes already owned by Nafees.

Amusing the Zillion reports that the Pizza Hut Express will be in a storefront to the right of the long-planned Johnny Rockets. Both stores are leased in a space that has been under construction since 2012, according to property records.

Nafees also wants to open a pretzel franchise as well as a Red Mango smoothie and yogurt shop in the area, a real estate broker told Amusing the Zillion.

The real estate broker who spoke to Amusing the Zillion, and also handled the lease agreement, said red tape and bureaucratic delays caused by dealing with the city had put the property out of reach for most mom and pop shops.

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  1. Anyone who comes to Brooklyn and elects Pizza Hut over real Brooklyn pizza deserves what they get. Then again, Coney Island was founded on the principle of taking the rubes for all they’ve got, so Pizza Hut is a perfect fit. “Step right up, gentlemen. Knock down the bottles and win your little lady a Kewpie Doll!”

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