Another Controversy for Greenwood Park

Another Controversy for Greenwood Park

Photo credit: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

It’s been almost two years since we last got all worked up about strollers in bars. How could we have let it go so long?! Luckily, though, the New York Times is here to revive the debate, using some Greenwood Park Yelp reviews as fodder.

The short version: non-parents (understandably) want to be able to grab a beer without being hit by a rogue scooter. Parents (understandably) want to be able to grab a beer outdoors sometime before their kids head to college. There’s bad feeling on both sides, brother against brother, mother against (non)mother.

Originally, Greenwood Park co-owner Ted Mann was all about welcoming Mommy-and-Me drinkers, telling Patch last summer that “moms are encouraged to come by with their children… It’s completely stroller friendly.” Plus, he figured, that “his establishment would start filling up with adults about the same time as the youngest guests would be put to bed.” These days, he seems a little less certain. “This is kind of a work in progress,”  Mann told the Times. “We are figuring things out as we roll.”

Greenwood Park: simultaneously too family-friendly and not family-friendly enough.