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UPDATE: Animal Heads Removed From Traffic Light Above 5th Ave

animal heads by katherine hurd on twitter
Photo by @katiehurd

“Uh. Looks like goat heads hanging from traffic light at 9th st. And 5th ave. in Park Slope,” writes neighbor Katherine Hurd on Twitter, who shares this photo.

A tad bit more gory than the traditional sneakers flung over a wire, perhaps a residual bit from Halloween — anyone notice this before today?

We’ve reached out to Community Board 6 for advice on who in the city to contact about removing decaying animal parts hung above the street, and will let you know once we hear back.

Photo by Tom Prendergast
Photo by Tom Prendergast

UPDATE 1:15pm: Neighbor Tom Prendergast sends this photo and update. Looks like someone took matters into his own hands, taping together some pieces of wood to get the heads down.

We’re still curious about which city agency would be responsible for the removal of something crazy like this, but a big thanks to the fellow who made this happen!

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