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Ample Hills’ New Ice Cream Paradise Opens In Gowanus


Ample Hills Gowanus, 305 Nevins Street at Union
The new, giant outpost of the Prospect Heights ice cream shop Ample Hills officially opened today at 305 Nevins Street, on the corner of Union, and on a hot July day like today, it’s a can’t-miss for ice cream fans.

Ample Hills Gowanus counter
Ample Hills Gowanus ice cream menu
The advantage to this space is certainly its 3,600-square-foot size, which allows them to manufacture on site. It’s something you can smell from a block away, the baking of cookies possibly the best thing to waft up from the Gowanus in a long, long time. They’ve got enough space to provide even more options — 24 flavors of ice cream and sorbet — which they are happy to let you taste “and taste again,” said our enthusiastic scooper, who told us the line was about 15 people deep out the door for the opening.

Ample Hills Gowanus kitchen
You have to feel a bit for those working in the exposed kitchen, being gawked at like it’s Willy Wonka’s factory — but all those peering through the windows are so cheerful and pumped up on sugar, it’s hard for the staff not to grin in response.

Ample Hills Gowanus downstairs seating
Ample Hills Gowanus upstairs seating
Ample Hills Gowanus roof
The enormity of it is not just taken up by the kitchen, though. There’s seating downstairs in booths and at the counter, and indoors upstairs, and they’ve got a gorgeous roof deck as well.

Ample Hills Gowanus ice cream it came from gowanus
Ample Hills Gowanus ice cream: it came from Gowanus
All that’s great, but let’s face it, we’re here for the ice cream. And how could we not try the hyped, special-for-the-space flavor It Came From Gowanus? A salted-dark-chocolate-fudge ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate brownies, Crack Cookies, and white chocolate pearls, it is so rich, so chocolatey, that if anything that came out of the Gowanus tasted like this, we’d start fishing.

If you love chocolate, you won’t go wrong. But if not, you’ve got 23 other flavors you can try (and try again) until you most certainly find one you love.

Prices start at $3 for the kids size and go up to $9 for a pint, plus they offer milkshakes, sundaes, and floats.

Ample Hills Gowanus note
Ample Hills Gowanus is located at 305 Nevins Street on the corner of Union, 347-725-4061. They’re open Sunday to Thursday from 12-11pm and Friday and Saturday from 12pm-12am.

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