Alternate Side Parking Will Be Once A Week

Starting next Monday, June 29th, residential streets will be cleaned no more than once per week, Mayor de Blasio and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia announced this morning.  Commercial and metered streets will be cleaned as before.

Streets with multiple Alternate Side Parking (ASP) days will be cleaned on the last day of the week posted on the signs – a street with ASP regulations posted on Monday and Thursday will now be cleaned on Thursday only.

“One of the things that has frustrated me for years as a New Yorker and as a public servant is the streets where people had to move their car, not once a week, but twice a week, two different days, a super hassle, and one to me that bluntly didn’t seem necessary and it wasn’t fair to people. This needs to change,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at this morning’s press conference before making the announcement.

“We are now going to have a new rule where New Yorkers will only have to move their car once a week when alternate side parking is in effect. Now, sometimes, as we’ve seen, it won’t be an effect, but when alternate side parking is, in fact, no New Yorkers should have to move their car more than once a week,” the Mayor explained. ASP is suspended till June 28th right now, and will be in effect for the week of June 29th.

“But when it comes back next week, if you live on one of those blocks, that right now you’ll have to move the car twice a week, you will not have to do that. You should only do it once a week and it will be on the latest day posted on your street sign.”

This is not a permanent change at this time but something the City will enforce on a week-by-week basis and assess conditions throughout the summer, and consider making permanent if the pilot works.

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  1. We don’t need street sweepers. We don’t eat off the streets and they don’t need to be so clean.

    And God gave us rain.

  2. So now, only one side of the street will be cleaned? My side is on Thursday, the other side is Friday. So on Friday no parking and the street gets cleaned, but when does my side?
    Makes no sense.

  3. What if there’s alternate side parking for 2 days each on both sides of the street, then what?

  4. a super hastle is moving your car 4 times a week as is the case on my one way residential block. ASP is Mon & Thurs on on side and Tues and Friday on the opposite side…So even with this pilot…does that mean on Thurs you still can’t park on that one side and then on Friday you can’t park on the other side…that’s 2 days and based on this we are still short changed and inconvenienced. Or are they saying the last day on the sign covers both sides and if so…which one do we go by the Thurs side or the Friday side…they really need to think this thru. Sadly we didn’t see much of a difference when the cleaning was off for the last 3 months…Residents who do the right thing did it and the streets remained more than acceptable. Having ASP so often results in being a prisoner in your home during the week and forget going out in the evening…when you return it can take a hour of circling to find a spot usually 3-4 blocks away…doing this at night is also not safe for seniors who choose to stay home rather than enjoy an evening out or who need to go shopping because they still work in the day. Please clarify how this works for 4 day a week ASP which LAST day of the week is the one that counts to make it a one day a week move???

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