Alleged Serial Killer Accused Of Killing B’hurst, Bay Ridge Shopkeepers Claims DA Is Suppressing Alibi

Source: Franconia Township Police Dept.

The bizarre odyssey of Salvatore Perrone, the man implicated in the shooting deaths of three Brooklyn shopkeepers, keeps getting stranger. When Perrone was arrested last November, he had wearily confessed to two of the slayings before falling asleep in police custody. Now, standing before Judge Alan Marrus at an appearance in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Perrone is claiming that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has been suppressing evidence that would clear him of all the slayings, according to a report by the Home Reporter News.

In court, Perrone made a statement against the advice of his attorney. He suggested that it was impossible for him to be the killer because during the time of one of the murders he had been riding the subway to another part of Brooklyn. Perrone believes there is video evidence that backs up his story.

“The office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charlie Hynes either has directly or indirectly suppressed my alibi,” Perrone said. “The video is most crucial. [It shows me] enter the Parkside Avenue train station at the Q line at 6 p.m. and not exit. This makes it physically impossible to be at the scene of the crime on Flatbush Avenue at 7:17 p.m. [on November 16].”
Perrone then requested a subpoena to the judge. “I need one video to show where I was. I was not at the scene of the crime,” Perrone contended. “I was in Flatbush for a couple of hours that afternoon.”

Perrone also contended that he had alibis for the other murders as well, seemingly reversing the confessions he gave to the NYPD while claiming that his representation was less than satisfactory.

“I can’t be in two places at once. I am making a plea to the legal community for competent counsel. I have an alibi for each and every crime that took place,” he said.

Perrone was also nearly held in contempt of court when he refused to give a sample of his DNA after agreeing to supply it readily. Perrone told the judge that he’d be willing to trade his DNA sample once evidence of his alibi had been produced. The judge refused to bend to Perrone’s demand and the alleged killer eventually complied to the order.

Results from the DNA testing will take approximately six months, while Perrone’s next appearance is set for June 28.

Perrone is accused of killing Mohamed Gebeli in Gebeli’s store, Valentino’s Fashion, in Bay Ridge on July 6; Isaac Kadare in his  Bensonhurst shop, Amazing 99 Cent Deals and Up, on August 2; and Rahmatollah Vahidipour in his business, She She Boutique in Flatbush, on November 16.


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